Can You Take Expired Benadryl? – What Are The Consequences [SIMPLE ANSWERS]

Throughout the years, individuals all around the world have been required to combat some debilitating illnesses.

Although there are far more severe conditions, it is difficult to make it through the day when you’re suffering from a terrible cold.

When attempting to alleviate their suffering, many people will administer Benadryl.

Although this can be an effective remedy, it is essential to remember that you should never use expired Benadryl!

Within this guide, you will learn all about the drug and its expiration date.

Can Benadryl Expire?

Although many people do not know it, Benadryl can expire. Almost every medication in the world comes with an expiration date. The date can generally be found on the back of the label or underneath the bottle. Before attempting to consume Benadryl, you should always check the expiration date!

The Risks

Benadryl is a reasonably mild medication, which comes with few risks. However, the changes can be enhanced substantially if you attempt to consume it after the expiration date has passed.

In actuality, you may not experience any negative side effects from consuming expired medications, but the risks aren’t worth it. After the date has passed, the manufacturer is no longer able to guarantee the medication’s safeness.

Therefore, you put yourself at incredible risk by consuming expired medications. Suffice to say; you should never do it!


All drugs are capable of expiring and over-the-counter medications, such as Benadryl, are not exempt. Before consuming any medication, you should check this date. If the expiration has passed, you should dispose of the substance to not be consumed!

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  1. So we are saying that nobody has ever tested the potency of benadryl over time? Seems rather strange. It would seem likely that 1/2 the benadryl in peoples cabinet is expired, especially with a small and relatively healthy family… Agree, bunch of butt covering don’t do its. I am sure the Pharmaceutical companies HATE expiration dates. Oh, guess that really begs the question. HOW is a date arrived out if there is no testing over time? David?

  2. this article does not specify any particular risks at all. It’s just a waste of time to read.

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