Smoking Methadone: What Are the Consequences ? [DANGER]

There are several different ways that a person can abuse Methadone.

One of the ways is by smoking it, which basically means that they put the pill on aluminum foil, hold a lighter under it, and smoke the excess vapor with a straw.

This is highly dangerous and should not be done by anyone.

When you smoke Methadone:

You are not only inhaling the Methadone, but you are also inhaling tons of other toxins from the flame of the lighter and the aluminum foil.

This method of taking the medication can cause serious harm to your throat and lungs.

Side Effects of Methadone

Taking Methadone can cause several side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, vomiting, or nausea.

Severe side effects are less common when Methadone is taken as prescribed.


Some severe side effects are commonly experienced if the drug is abused.

Some of these effects could include abnormal heartbeat, confusion, clammy skin, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, and fainting.


When it comes down to it, Methadone is a serious drug that should not be used unless prescribed by a medical professional.

Smoking Methadone is a way of abusing the drug, and it is highly unhealthy.

When you smoke Methadone, you are putting yourself in danger of severe risks, including respiratory distress and cardiac failure.

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