Nyquil And Weed – What Are The Effects ? [QUICK ANSWERS]

Nyquil and marijuana come in many different brands.

For instance

Nyquil has a daytime and nighttime formulation.


Both of the formulations have antihistamines in them. The antihistamines are drugs that work to help reduce allergy and congestion problems.

Marijuana can be available in many different strains that offer several distinct effects.

Do Not Mix Nyquil and Weed

Many people will tell you that it is okay to mix these medications, but that is entirely false.

Mixing these two substances can cause you to suffer severe side effects. When you combine these two drugs, you will create a mental fog that will lead to confusion and sleepy.

This condition could last for several hours, depending on the amount of each substance that you took. You might also find yourself having a hard time breathing or seeing clearly. This is not to even mention how you are going to feel when you wake up.

How to Use

Marijuana should only be used if prescribed by a doctor. Although Nyquil can be purchased over the counter, it should only be used according to the directions on the medication label.

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  1. Obviously use caution if you’re going to take weed and then Nyquil in the same night, let alone taking either, but more than likely you’ll be alright. You’ll just sleep super well. I’ve done it before, slept throughout the night with no issues, and I woke up fine and energetic as if I took nothing. But don’t worry it’s not a habit. It was only when either feeling under the weather or unable to sleep and nothing else was working. I take it and wake up alert and good as new. And I only take the recommended dose. And I don’t use that much weed as it is. Just one hit or so once in awhile, not everyday. Also, despite that, I’m very healthy. Regular doctor check ups check out fine. I exercise regularly and watch what I eat. So all of that plays a factor into how you’ll react when mixing the two. I’m not condoning it or advocating it. I’m simply saying that I’ve done it numerous times in the past and I’ve always been fine. No issues at all ever. But you know your body chemistry and system best. Just because I’m fine each time doesn’t mean someone else will be. As always bring it up with your doctor on your next visit.

  2. I think that is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor to find out if you can mix any two drugs. I don’t necessarily know how the two will react or what ill-effects they may have. What an arrogrant reply from what is clearly a shady website.

  3. This article is pretty redundant. “Mental fog and Drowsiness”? Of course, it’s pot and NyQuil. If you’re gonna use both, you kinda expect that…

  4. Indeed, this text was written by a student in medicine (PhD), we agree it’s best to consult a doctor for (serious) problems/advices, but I think it’s not necessary to consult a doctor to find out if you can mix thc and nyquil…

  5. It’s incredible how poorly articulated (mis)information presented alongside stock photos of doctors can be allowed to pass as authoritative medical advice. Talk to a real doctor if you have concerns.

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