Smoking Oxycodone Can Be Very Harmful To Your Health

Many individuals will experiment with prescription narcotics. This is a very risky behavior, which can lead to severe addiction and overdose. It is important to avoid altering the pill form because the extended-release mechanism’s purchase is to provide pain management. Below you will discover the dangers of smoking oxycodone.

Can You Smoke Oxycodone

Drug addicts will purchase oxycodone from individuals that are prescribed by a pain clinic physician. Instead of taking it, they will opt to sell it for a specific amount of cash. This is genuinely against the law and can land you in jail if you are caught illegally selling or buying this controlled drug.

Smoking oxycodone is the preferred method of administration because it provides an instant euphoria. This is a very expensive opioid that can be very easy to find on the street, but many addicts will find it nearly impossible to keep up with their drug habits.

Smoking Dangers

The chemical is instantly delivered to the brain, which will dramatically increase the psychological effects than when taken orally. This not only increases the risks of addiction, but it also increases the risks of respiratory suppression. Users are immediately amazed by how fast physical dependence can develop. As a matter of fact, you can become addicted to this opioid after a week of use.


If you are being prescribed oxycodone for pain, be sure to follow the directions to a tee. Never crush, wet, or score the extended-release pill, because this will alter the release mechanism, which means you will receive the entire dose at once.

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