About Ketamine – How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System

Many individuals in the world have never heard about Ketamine. Doctors and medical professionals primarily use this specific drug, so this is normal. Most individuals will actually never encounter this drug. However, if you do, you should make sure that you fully understand the medication’s longevity and side effects before ingesting it. Below, you’ll learn all about this medication.

An Overview

First and foremost, you should take the time to explore the specific use of this medication. Ketamine is used as an anesthetic. As mentioned above, medical professionals commonly use it. They’ll administer the medication as a way to put their patients to sleep. Before surgery and medical tests, this is done to prevent the patient from feeling pain or discomfort. Although the medication is fairly safe, some precautions should be noted.

Those with uncontrolled high blood pressure should not use Ketamine. If you have consumed an MAO inhibitor within the last 14 days, you should avoid Ketamine. Be sure to speak with your medical doctor and make them aware of these circumstances.

How Long Does Ketamine Stay In Your System

Compared to other dissociative medications, such as PCP and DXM, the effects of Ketamine are felt for a much shorter period. After ingesting the drug, the user will begin feeling its effects within 10 minutes. If the drug was injected or insufflated, the effects would usually be felt for about an hour. However, if it was ingested orally, the medication’s impact will last for up to 2 hours.


Before consuming Ketamine, you should make sure that you read and analyze the information above. The good news is that the drug will only be felt for an hour to 2 hours, depending on how it was ingested. Make sure to speak with your medical doctor before using this medication and make them aware of any preexisting conditions you may have!

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