Hydroquinone is a skin lightening agent that is commonly used in cosmetics.

Hydroquinone is generally considered safe to use, but most products with hydroquinone should avoid the eye area, as it may cause temporary vision problems.
The toxicity of hydroquinone may also vary depending on the concentration of the active ingredient and other ingredients in the formula.

An Introduction to Hydroquinone: What You Need To Know About This Skin Lightening Agent

Did you know that there are countless products on the market that contain hydroquinone? It’s an effective skin lightener that prevents uneven pigmentation and freckles while also minimizing age spots. Hydroquinone works by reducing melanin production and has been used for this purpose in skin lighteners for over 30 years.

Due to their safety properties and unique effects, hydroquinone products are widely used by people of all ages for all different kinds of concerns; from those caused by sun exposure, such as brown spots and uneven pigmentation, to those caused by genetics or aging. Hydroquinone has even been studied on children with Vitiligo, a rare condition that causes hypopigmentation of the skin (depigmentation-loss of skin color). The results with children were promising; correcting the depigmentation on most subjects’ bodies after just 12 weeks.