Suboxone is an opioid medication that can reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings for other opioids like heroin. It has a similar structure to buprenorphine, meaning that it targets the same receptors in the brain as those drugs. Suboxone is usually taken as a tablet or film strip, though it can also be injected intravenously.

A common misconception about suboxone is that it contains only buprenorphine, but this isn’t accurate. Suboxone contains buprenorphine in addition to other ingredients.

Every tablet or film strip of suboxone contains the same amount of buprenorphine. A variety of tablets also exist that contain different amounts of buprenorphine. All tablets and film strips are divided into two parts: the “”red”” part and the “”white”” part.

The red column in a tablet is made with lactose, an ingredient known to cause allergic reactions in some people. The white column contains the buprenorphine and is made with a different kind of sugar, mannitol. If you have an allergy to lactose, be sure to let your doctor know.

Suboxone is available only through a prescription, so anyone looking to get the drug needs to see a doctor who can prescribe it. This can make it more difficult for some people to access than drugs like heroin, which can be bought illegally on the street.

Suboxone helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings for opiates by stopping them from reaching the brain.