What kind of drug interactions would you expect from mixing Xanax and weed? Perhaps they would cancel each other out, or maybe they’d have no effect. As it turns out, both of these guesses are wrong. Mixing Xanax and weed produces a third effect that neither of them has on their own.

Those who take prescription sedatives like Xanax often avoid using cannabis at the same time to avoid side effects like drowsiness. After all, most people don’t take sedatives for that reason.

However, what many people don’t know is that combining weed with Xanax can actually be beneficial in some ways. Let’s take a closer look at what happens when you mix Xanax and weed.

What Is Xanax?

Xanax is a prescription drug used to treat anxiety disorders and panic attacks. While it is not a cure for anxiety, it is used to manage symptoms like feelings of panic, racing thoughts, and extreme nervousness. Most people take Xanax as needed when they feel a panic attack coming on, but it can also be taken daily to prevent symptoms. XanXane is another name for Xanax that is used to make it sound more like a natural product.

Xanax is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines. It’s one of the most common types of prescription drugs for anxiety, but it’s also highly addictive. If you use it daily, it’s easy to develop a dependency on it that’s difficult to break. Xanax is a Schedule IV Controlled Substance in the United States, which means it has a low potential for abuse and addiction. However, Xanax addiction is common, particularly among those who take it daily.

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How Does Xanax Work?

When you feel anxious or panicked, your body produces certain chemicals called neurotransmitters. One of these neurotransmitters, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is responsible for calming your nerves.

Xanax works by increasing the amount of GABA in your system to lower the amount of anxiety you’re feeling. It does this by binding to GABA receptors in your brain, which allows GABA to have a more profound impact on your brain.

Why Mix Weed And Xanax?

Xanax has a reputation for being a difficult drug to wean off of, particularly if you take it every day. Weaning yourself off of a benzodiazepine can be tough, so some people choose to avoid it all together. This brings us to the question of why you might mix Xanax and weed. This is a common practice among those who have anxiety but want to avoid the side effects of a benzodiazepine.

Marijuana helps with anxiety without having the same addictive properties that Xanax does. Marijuana is a GABA agonist, meaning it binds to GABA receptors in the brain and has a similar effect to Xanax. When you mix weed and Xanax, you’re essentially adding an additional GABA agonist to your system. This helps you get the anxiety-reducing benefits of Xanax without taking a daily dosage of it.

How Does Xanax And Weed Interact?

Remember, marijuana is a GABA agonist, so it binds to GABA receptors in the brain like Xanax does. When you take Xanax and weed together, they both compete to bind to those same receptors. This causes a couple of different effects on your brain and body. First, it decreases the impact of both drugs.

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Neither Xanax nor weed will have a profound impact on your system when they’re competing with each other. Second, it causes a feeling of drowsiness. Because both drugs are competing to have an impact on your brain and GABA receptors, they cancel each other out. What results is a feeling of drowsiness, as though neither drug is having an impact on your brain.

Pros Of Mixing Xanax And Weed

Reduce Anxiety Without Taking Daily Dose

– As we discussed above, mixing Xanax and weed allows you to reduce or eliminate anxiety without having to take a daily dose of Xanax. This helps those who are trying to wean themselves off Xanax by giving them the same anxiety-reducing benefits without being addictive.

Less Addiction Risk

– Because weed doesn’t have the same addictive properties as benzodiazepines like Xanax, you’re less likely to develop an addiction to it. If you take Xan-Xane and cannabis together, you’ll have less potential for adverse effects than if you were taking a large daily dose of Xanax.

Fewer Side Effects

– Because Xanax and weed cancel each other out, you’re less likely to experience many of the side effects of both drugs. You may get drowsy, but you probably won’t experience other side effects like confusion and amnesia.

Better Sleep

– One of the most common side effects of Xanax is insomnia. Many people who take it can’t sleep as well as they normally do, and some are unable to sleep at all. When you take Xanax and weed together, you’re less likely to experience insomnia.

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Cons Of Mixing Xanax And Weed

Reduced Effectiveness

– As we discussed above, when you mix Xanax and weed, the effects are lessened. This means you’ll have to take more of each drug to feel the same effects.

Risky Combination

– Mixing Xanax and weed is a relatively safe practice, but there is still risk. If you take too many Xanax and weed together, you could experience serious side effects.

Addiction Risk

– You’re less likely to develop an addiction to Xanax when you take it with weed, but it’s still possible. Combining Xanax and weed can lead to dependency, particularly if you take both on a regular basis.

Increased Anxiety

– Some people experience the opposite of what they expect when they take Xanax with weed. Some people report feeling anxious when they take the two drugs together. Others report feeling very relaxed, as though both drugs are having an impact on their system.

Final Words

As we’ve seen, mixing Xanax and weed can have some unexpected effects. You’re likely to experience a decrease in effectiveness and a sleepy feeling from both drugs. Some people may experience more anxiety or the opposite reaction altogether. However, when you take Xan-Xane and cannabis together, you’re less likely to develop an addiction to benzodiazepines.

You’re also less likely to experience the common side effects of Xanax alone. This is particularly helpful for those who have anxiety and want to avoid the side effects of daily Xanax use.


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    I recommend everyone to just take a xann and let it kick in. Smoke a nice blunt as its coming in …leave some for later. And go take a nice hot/cold shower after tell me how good you feel.

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    They are all mind altering drugs that are damaging your brains, you will suffer in the long run. please stop

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    I have been a problem of anxiety disorder due to smoke. So, I tried to take this Xanax medication to cure this condition. My friend suggested me to take Xanax with weed for better results. Actually, I was tried this twice and really an amazing combination. Whenever I am getting anxiety after smoking, I can simply follow this combo and get instant relief from that condition. I also recommend everyone to smoke very slowly and leave a gap of few minutes in between the puffs.

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    Once I have tried Xanax with weed. It was really a great combo and fun to use. If you suffered from anxiety, I think it is a great combo to try and get the quick solution for your condition. It works well for me and get away from the disorder.

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    Recently, I mixed a Xanax with weed. It was a beautiful combo that makes me feel wonderful. After that I have substituted weed instead of beer and then tried. It really works fine and a better shot to use. If you try this once, it makes everyone gets addicted to this. As per my opinion, do not take it too much and never be addicted for any drug. Let’s try to take for fun alone!

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