Yep, you read that right. You can purchase this common antibiotic over the counter without a prescription. It’s a bit of a rarity for over-the-counter drugs, but it does happen occasionally. And, in this case, there is good reason for it.

In most cases, you need to see your doctor to get antibiotics to treat infections like pneumonia, strep throat, and other bacterial infections.

But in some instances, getting an antibiotic from a pharmacy could be the safer choice instead of waiting to see your doctor and risking having the infection get worse as time goes on.

Keep reading to find out more about why you cannot buy augmentin over the counter and where you can buy it instead.

Can You Buy Augmentin Over the Counter?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy augmentin over the counter. This is because it is an antibiotic, and antibiotics are not meant to be used on diseases caused by viruses (like colds, flus, and most cases of the common cold).

These drugs are meant to treat bacterial infections. Not viral infections. So, you would need to see your doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics to treat these types of infections.

Why is Augmentin a Prescription Drug?

Most antibiotics are prescription-only drugs. This means that they must be prescribed by a doctor, not bought over the counter at a pharmacy. It’s important to understand why antibiotics are regulated this way.

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Most antibiotics come from naturally occurring sources. This might include certain types of molds, soil bacteria, and even rodents. By nature, these bacteria are not harmful to humans, but they are also not helpful to us. As such, taking these natural antibiotics would not do anything to help us.

The bacteria that we take to make antibiotics have been genetically modified, or altered in such a way as to make them more helpful to us.

Augmentin is a penicillin-type antibiotic. It’s a synthetic form of a naturally occurring antibiotic.

Where to Buy Augmentin Online

Since augmentin is a prescription drug, you will need to visit your doctor to get a prescription for the drug. Then, you can buy augmentin online and have it shipped directly to your home.

There are a few different online drugstores where you can buy augmentin online. We recommend using a drugstore like Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy. Both of these drugstores offer legitimate online pharmacies, and you can get your prescription for augmentin online.

If you do decide to buy augmentin online, make sure that the site you get it from is a legitimate site. You want to be sure that your order will be safe and secure. You also want to make sure that the site you buy from has a valid prescription from your doctor.

You also want to make sure that the augmentin you purchase is not counterfeit. By buying augmentin online, you run the risk of receiving a fake drug. In some cases, counterfeit drugs are even more dangerous than the real thing.

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Where to Buy Augmentin Without a Prescription

In the United States, you can only buy augmentin without a prescription if you are in a state where you can get a doctor’s note online. These states include California, Delaware, New York, and Texas.

We do not recommend purchasing augmentin without a valid prescription. If you do decide to buy augmentin without a prescription, you risk getting a fake drug.

In most cases, you will get a fake drug if you buy augmentin without a prescription. The only way you can get a real drug is if you purchase it from a legitimate pharmacy that has a valid prescription for you.

When Should You Take an Antibiotic?

In most cases, you would need to see a doctor before taking an antibiotic. This is because you would need to know what bacterial infection you have in order to take the right antibiotic.

By knowing the bacteria you have contracted, your doctor can recommend the best antibiotic for the job. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting a safe and effective treatment.

If you have a bacterial infection and you do not have a bacterial infection that needs antibiotics, your body will naturally fight off the infection. But if you take antibiotics when you don’t need them, you are knocking out the good bacteria in your system. This changes the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria. It also allows for antibiotic-resistant bacteria to grow.

You should take an antibiotic if you are prescribed one. If you are unsure whether you should take an antibiotic, you should consult with your doctor.

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When Should You NOT Take an Antibiotic?

There are times when you might need to take an antibiotic, but you shouldn’t. In these cases, you should talk to your doctor about a different course of treatment.

In some cases, you might have drug allergies. If you have a reaction to a specific antibiotic, it might be best to take a different antibiotic that doesn’t affect you in the same way.

Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections. These infections include pneumonia, strep throat, and many other diseases.

If you have a viral infection, you shouldn’t take an antibiotic. Antibiotics don’t do anything to help viral infections. In fact, they can make them worse.

Final Words

Antibiotics are great when you are sick, but they come with some risks. By choosing to take an antibiotic when you don’t need to, you run the risk of having a more serious reaction to the antibiotics. You could also promote antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which is very hard to get rid of.

If you are sick and think you might need antibiotics, make sure you talk to your doctor about the best course of treatment. Your doctor can help you decide whether you need antibiotics and which antibiotic would be best for you.

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