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Can You Buy Levothyroxine over the Counter in Canada?

Levothyroxine (LT4) is a synthetic version of the thyroid hormone thyroxine. As we age, our natural production of this hormone decreases, but taking levothyroxine supplements can help maintain healthy levels and prevent the negative effects of low T3 and T4. But which brand is best?

Read further to find out if there are any important differences between these popular brands, what they cost, where to buy them, and which one you should choose.

What’s the difference between Synthroid, Levoxyl and generic levothyroxine?

Synthroid and Levoxyl are two different brands of the same synthetic thyroid hormone, LT4. Synthroid is made by a U.S. pharmaceutical company called Abbott Laboratories, and has been the most popular brand of LT4 for many years. Levoxyl is made by a Canadian company called Lundbeck.

These two brands are bioequivalent, which means that they are exactly the same thing. They are made from the same raw materials and have the same amount of LT4 in each pill. Both Synthroid and Levoxyl are classified as “”generics”” because they are cheap, synthetic versions of LT4 that have been FDA-approved for many years.

They are less expensive than the brand-name synthetic LT4, which is made by a French company called Synthetic Thyroid.

Where to Buy Synthroid

You can buy Synthroid on any online pharmacy and on many regular pharmacies in the U.S. You can also buy Synthroid over the internet from Canada, where it is much cheaper than buying in the U.S.

However, you will need to get a doctor’s “”prescription”” to order it. Actually, you can get the prescription from your doctor via email, or even by a phone call if your doctor prefers not to write anything out. This is known as “”trans-border prescribing””, and is allowed in most states.

You will also need a valid prescription from a doctor in Canada, and you can usually find one online at sites like this one:

Where to Buy Levoxyl

You can buy Levoxyl online from Canada, like Synthroid, and many U.S. online pharmacies. The Canadian online pharmacies are cheaper and easier to use than the ones in the U.S. Once again, you will need to have a valid prescription from a doctor.

Generic levothyroxine: Cheapest Option

There is also a generic version of LT4. The generic is made by many drug companies. It is the same chemical composition as Synthroid and Levoxyl, but is not a brand name. You can buy the generic over the internet from Canada, like Synthroid and Levoxyl.

You can also buy it from your local pharmacy in many parts of the U.S. The generic is usually cheaper than Synthroid and Levoxyl. It is also less expensive than the brand-name synthetic LT4 made in France.

Final Words

This article compares Synthroid, Levoxyl and generic levothyroxine. All three are FDA-approved synthetic thyroid hormone that you can take to replace the natural hormone when the thyroid gland is not producing enough.
These synthetic hormones are bioequivalent, meaning they are made from the same raw materials in the same way and have the same amount of LT4 in each pill.