Over the counter medicines are medical drugs or remedies that people can buy without having to see a doctor and can be used to treat certain illnesses. People typically use them for minor ailments, like headaches and pain relief, instead of going to a doctor’s office.

This article will go over some common over the counter medicines and their effects in your body. Additionally, there is much information about what causes each type of illness including how most medications work in the body.

What are Over the Counter Medicines?

Over the counter medicines, also known as OTC medication, are medications that can be bought without a doctor’s prescription and used to treat certain illnesses. Most people use over the counter medicine for minor ailments like headaches, coughs and colds, but you can also buy medications for things like allergies and heartburn.

Adults are allowed to purchase over the counter medication at their local pharmacy or grocery store. Some pharmacies only allow over the counter medications to be sold in a certain area of their store. Sometimes people have a hard time telling if something is over or under the counter because they both require you to ask for them when you are checking out.