Degenerative Scoliosis – Causes, Consequences [SOLUTIONS GUIDE]

Table of Contents What is degenerative scoliosis?What are the probable causes of this condition?When does degenerative scoliosis occur?What are the various forms?Is scoliosis a disability?Scoliosis FAQHow do I determine whether I have Scoliosis?What are the treatment options which I have?Who decides about my treatment method?What is the basic difference between congenital-scoliosis and idiopathic-scoliosis? What is

Scoliosis and Pregnancy – You Should Know [QUICK OVERVIEW]

According to most medical researchers conducted on women with scoliosis, the effect on their pregnancy conditions seems to be relatively insignificant. The risks of pregnancy increase the spinal cord curvature were also significant in the lower order. Exception cases were observed wherein women were apparently going through their 3rd or 4th childbearing. Only among them,

Sclerosis of the Spine – Complications involved [EXPLANATION GUIDE]

Table of Contents What is sclerosis of the spine?What are the possible causes?What is the best method of treating sclerosis?What are the possible methods of treatment? What is sclerosis of the spine? It is a condition where the interior space between the spinal cord disks starts compressing over a while. Most of the time, these

Non-surgical Methods – Completely Curing Scoliosis [EXPERTS SAY]

Traditional methods of getting rid of scoliosis involved surgery. Though it is undoubtedly one of the most effective and reliable methods, surgery’s side effects make it risky. The other risk involved in the age-factor. When performed in children and adolescents, this method was found to give 70%-80% success-rates. On the other hand, performing surgery on

Physiotherapy for Scoliosis – Know Everything [THE GUIDE]

Physiotherapy is one of the available treatment options for those who have scoliosis. While a few years ago, most patients needed to use a brace or maybe even go for surgery, there is now an alternative. More than that, physiotherapy offers an option that strengthens the back muscles while correcting the spine’s curvature. Table of