Surgical Scoliosis Solutions Cost [EXPENSES EVALUATION]

If you are serious about getting surgery for your scoliosis problems, it is better than you have it covered by medical insurance.

According to various studies conducted across the USA, the average cost estimation comes to about $150,000, which is quite huge.

Most of the time, this will be apart from the costs incurred on doctor visits, scanning charges, radiology costs, anesthesiologist consultation costs, hospitalization costs, and more.

Now the question is about the effectiveness of the surgery.

Surgery is advised only in such cases where the deformity’s complexity and intensity have gone beyond the stage of corrections through braces and therapy.

Moreover, surgery is performed for the reduced pain level in the patient.

The other reason to perform surgery is to restore functional level normalcy back in the patient’s body.

According to a survey conducted across the USA in the past 3 – 4 years, most patients with initial and mid-level scoliosis problems were treated in a non-surgical manner itself.

This was primarily due to the reason that the problem had not progressed to such an extent from where their heart, lungs, or other critical organs’ functionalities could be affected.

They all got well from therapy or usage of braces over a while.

The chances of complications arising due to surgery also need to be considered.

In children and adolescents, the chances of complications are quite less, while the adult scoliosis surgery complications seem to be high in %.

This is basically because of the bone hardness, other medical issues, complex procedures involved, and other factors.

The other complications could be blood loss, breaking of rods/post-surgery hooks dislocation, spinal fusion failure, post-surgical back pain, etc.

The overall success rate in adults’ cases is estimated to range from 60 70% today.

This is why most non-critical stage patients prefer non-surgical methods for getting their problems in the long run, which will also save a lot of money for them.

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