So Many Aerobic Exercises around Us which Can Help Us Keep Fit3 min read

Common aerobic exercise including: slow walking, fast walking, slow running, skating, swimming, cycling, yoga, dance, rope skipping and so on. Characterized by low intensity aerobic exercises, rhythmic, long time, continuous aerobic exercise can help us keep fit.

The purpose of aerobic exercise is improving heart and lung endurance. In the aerobic exercise, because the muscle contraction can requires a lot of nutrients and oxygen, which will increase the number of heart contractions, and sent each time the amount of blood pressure is also more than usual, while also increasing the demand for oxygen, breath is deeper than normal.

So when the aerobic exercise lasted, long muscle contraction, heart and lungs have to work harder to supply oxygen to supply the muscles.

Extended-term persist in the list of aerobic exercise can increase the amount of hemoglobin in the body, enhance the body resistance, anti-aging, and enhance the resistance of the cerebral cortex and heart and lung function, increased fat consumption, to prevent atherosclerosis, reduce cardiovascular morbidity. Weights will also loss when you arrange the food reasonable at the same time. Combining aerobic exercise, not only lose weight successfully, and body’s weight after weight loss will be consolidated. Aerobic exercise for the mental is also very useful. In addition, aerobic exercise also has the effect of physical recovery.

Preparation of aerobic exercise

  • Eat foods rich in amino acids. While in the fat burning, muscle soreness will become tightly closed, and before exercise or enjoy some balls like chiken or seafood bean curd that food rich in amino acids, we can better alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness.
  • Hot drink before exercise which can effectively promote the metabolism, the body warm-up ahead of time, in the shortest possible time to play sports the best results.
  • In the movement should be relaxed after the exercise.

Aerobic exercise is to enhance the use of inhaled oxygen and durable movement. It is characterized by the movement of light fierce, there is a sense of rhythm, sustained for a long time. Determination of Sports Medicine, aerobic exercise suitable exercise load 4 to 5 times per week, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, exercise heart rate is 120 ~ 135 times / min. Self-resistance of muscles in the body strength to compete static confrontation, but also simple and easy one of list of aerobic exercise training. It is not sex, space, equipment constraints. Hand muscles using resistance exercises targeting, no fear for sports injuries, speed up the training to become static blood flow, promote metabolism. Continuously demand which can improve our heart endurance. When your hearts endurance is increased, bodies can be stronger at the same time! Incorporating relatives and friends into your exercise routines will make it much easier to make frequent exercise a natural part of your daily routine.

Aerobics is a type of physical exercise. It combines periodical exercise with stretching and strength. The purpose is for improving all elements of health. Aerobics bluntly means with oxygen. Oxygen is the major fuel that is used to sustain bulky muscle motion over long periods of time

Since 1970, Aerobics has become more and more popular. Aerobics can involve many kinds of exercises, sports. Below are all the popular aerobics activities related information that can help you find any knowledge you need.

Today, in the worldwide, Millions of people are practicing step aerobics. The reason for its popularity may be it is easy to access. It is a method of providing the exerciser with a notable aerobic workout that also does not need complex equipment and nor does it need a big space. The only real requirement for step aerobics should be a flat surface and a step.

Step aerobics aims to enhance the consumption by the body of the quantity of oxygen consumed whereas step aerobics tries to build towards reaching the same goals through more intensive workouts.