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Terminating a pregnancy is a complicated process. Carrying out an abortion at home is even more complicated. Nonetheless, if you would rather keep the process private, home remedies for abortion are your best bet.

First, before panicking, ask yourself: I am pregnant? If you are not sure you can easily make a test from your home, read our article about the homemade pregnancy tests.

Introduction To Home Remedies For A Natural Abortion

Safety First

Unsurprisingly, most women prefer to carry out complete abortion safely in the comfort of their homes. Still, you have to ensure safety first. This is because aborting at a wrong time using improper methods can quickly lead to horrendous consequences that could have been avoided.

Note of Caution

While home remedies for pregnancy are not wrong methods, they may be used at an inappropriate time and inevitably lead to avoidable consequences.

When is the wrong time then?

Our note of caution is that you should abstain from using any home remedies abortion if you have been pregnant for more than ten weeks.

Further Deliberations

The idea of terminating your pregnancy at home may randomly pop as an idea. Still, it is recommended that you thoroughly weigh the beneficial and adverse effects before you move on with the decision to use home remedies for pregnancy.

With all these said, it is necessary to point out that abortion home remedies are safe and effective, as long as they are used at the right time and in the right way.

Physical Abuse versus Home Remedies for Abortion

First off, physical abuse sounds like, appears to be, and is a dreadful method to carry out an abortion. Unlike home remedies abortion, physical abuse can cause irreparable damage to your body.

Therefore, the use of physical abuse is strongly discouraged.

What are the Best Home Remedies for Abortion?

In the last section, we introduced the concept of home remedies for terminating a pregnancy.

In this section, we discuss the best remedies for carrying out an abortion at home.

To be accurate, there are several forms of home remedies abortion currently in use. Quite a number of these forms are popular, while some are obscure. Others are restricted to localities and regions where there is the availability of the abortion-inducing substance.

This list consists of home remedies that were selected based on the following parameters:

  • Widespread availability
  • Safe to use
  • Widely known to be effective

Classification of Home Remedies for Abortion

The home remedies in this list are classified into three groups. They include:

  • Food
  • Drugs
  • Herbs

Young women talk about their abortion experience

List of Best Home Remedies to Terminate Naturally a Pregnancy


  • Papaya (Pawpaw)
  • Papaya is one home remedy for pregnancy termination with excellent taste as a befitting complement for its abortion-inducing function. Reports from several women seem to affirm that most women would have planned miscarriages by eating copious amounts of Papaya. Papaya is safe and does not have the safety scare associated with ingesting high doses of most other home remedies for abortion.
  • Sesame Seeds
  • Sesame seeds are a healthy inclusion in the diets of many people around the world. Notwithstanding, it has an infamous property of inducing abortion. Intake may be by directly ingesting a handful of sesame seeds. Alternatively, the seeds can be soaked in a glass of water at night and left until the morning: the flavored water resulting from the prolonged (overnight) submergence can then be taken in the morning. To get the same result, you may also choose to include the seeds in your dishes. Sesame seeds are known to be safe and efficient home remedy abortion.
  • Cinnamon
  • Supplements of cinnamon can be ingested as well to induce abortion. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that the cinnamon should not be cooked prior to ingestion.
  • Pineapple
  • Pineapple owes its abortion-inducing property to Vitamin C and certain enzymes that constitute its chemical composition. You may decide to eat up the fruit directly or instead settle for a refreshing glass of pineapple juice daily.
  • Goji Berry
  • Goji berry is highly concentrated in vitamin C and carotenoids like zeaxanthin, lutein, lycopene, and anti-inflammatory properties. One of the best choices for quickly taking a large amount of vitamin C.


  • Vitamin C used in High Doses
  • To get started, it must be said that Vitamin C has safe thresholds above which it is toxic. With that said, taking higher dosages of Vitamin C is widely known to induce abortion. While Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits and can be sourced by eating these fruits, Vitamin C supplements are recommended for better effectiveness. You should gradually increase the daily dosage from 500 mg to 1200 mg over a standard course of time. The gradual increase in Vitamin C dosage will cause a corresponding rise in estrogen levels in your body.

Furthermore, the rise in estrogen levels will lead to a decrease in progesterone levels. Progesterone is a hormone essential for the healthy development of a fetus.

Thus, the decrease in progesterone resulting from an increased Vitamin C intake eventually leads to a safe pregnancy abortion.

Vitamin C in high dosage can be dangerous; know more about it at the end of this article.

  • Dong Quai Capsule
  • The use of this drug often follows a consistent intake of high Vitamin C dosage for six days. At this stage, a woman will generally need to take only one Dong Quai capsule. The combined action of both drugs (vitamin C supplements and Dong Quai capsule) causes forced contraction of the uterus, leading to the expulsion of the fetus.

For more information, read our article: “Dong Quai Abortion – Everything You Should Know For Safe Use.”


  • Parsley Leaves
  • Parsley leaves are very natural home remedies for abortion that are known to be effective. You must ingest the parsley leaves in a whole, but only a little at a time. The mode of action of this herb closely mirrors that of Vitamin C.In that, it leads to the combined effort of contraction of the uterus and dilatation of the cervix, ultimately leading to an abortion. For increased potency, you could supplement intake of parsley leaves with Vitamin C. You must, however, note that for safety reasons, you would have to take far less quantity than you normally would if either (parsley leaves or Vitamin C) were taken singly.
  • Black Cohosh
  • This herb prepares the uterus for abortion. After intake, there has to be a follow-up intake of red cohosh. It is important to note that the black cohosh’s information does not terminate a pregnancy by itself. However, its effect on the uterus would lead to an abortion. Recommended dose requirements vary. Thus, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced herbalist. Black cohosh is generally safe to use, though there are multiple reports of temporary side effects.
  • Angelica
  • The impact of Angelica on women is two-fold. It activates contractions and facilitates menstruation. Both products make it a suitable home remedy for the termination of a pregnancy. Angelica should be mixed in a cup of warm water and taken four times every 24 hours. The recommended safety range for the use of this natural product is between 5 and 15 falls.
  • Pennyroyal
  • Unlike the other herbs above, the abortion-inducing substance in Pennyroyal is known. This substance is called ‘pulegone.’ Pulegone causes uterine contractions that are not precisely mild, thus predisposing to abortion of the developing fetus. A particularly strong point for Pennyroyal’s use is that it is entirely natural and remarkably effective.

Precautions to Note When Using Home Remedies for Abortion

Vitamin C precautions

Vitamin C ranks highly (arguably tops the ranking) in potency for terminating a pregnancy. In fact, for most women, Vitamin C is the first choice of home remedy for abortion.

In any case, Vitamin C must be consumed thoughtfully while adhering to safe limits, mostly when consumed in the form of supplements.

The maximum limit is 1250 mg, and the climb to the maximum limit should be gradual rather than immediate.

Vitamin C in liposomal will be absorbed by your body and not filtered by your kidneys as the old generation of “classic” vitamin C.  Past the recommended safe range, excessive levels of Vitamin C can cause localized and extensive damage to the kidneys.

Parsley Leaves precautions

The toxicity associated with the consumption of parsley leaves stems from the rate at which it is consumed. Taking a lot of it in a short period can lead to unintentional toxic effects on the body.

Thus, gradual increases are essential to getting the desired effect of inducing abortion, without an accompanying long list of health complications.

The most used abortion pill on the market, for use within 72 hours (3 days) after sex

The most used abortion pill on the market, for use within 72 hours (3 days) after sex
The most used abortion pill on the market, for use within 72 hours (3 days) after sex

The effectiveness and safety of these home remedies for abortion may not be in doubt; however, you may be unsure how to use them. If this is the case, there are OTC (over-the-counter).

To be doubly sure about the effectiveness and possible risks associated with using a brand of abortion pills, consult your primary health caregiver before making a purchase.

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Carol Turner
Carol Turner, M.D. is an obstetrician who treats a broad range of women’s health issues. She specializes in pregnancy, general obstetrics, cervical cancer prevention, abnormal vaginal bleeding, minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery. Dr. Turner’s philosophy of care is the patient. She has spent most of her live educating young women on the importance of routine pre-cancer testing. Carol received her medical degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland.


  1. Im 6 weeks 3 days. My husband knew i was leaving him but we are best friends. He begged for a baby in which i said no. He took advantage after i drank had no idea we had sex until i wondered why no period. He said he thought it would cure us. Im bipolar with 3 kids trying my best.
    What vit c dose is best? What else should i add? Many foods make me nauseas so nothing to aweful tasting.
    I was hard core pro life now im screwed. Im taking gabapentin for nerve pain and cbd oil. I dont want to affect those.

  2. I had sex with my bf last month.after sex I took a pill.I got periods 3days later…but this month I don’t get periods..am I pregnant…I’m so scared….help me…

  3. hi..my girlfriend says she do pregnancy test..and she says its positive..she dont want to have a baby..its been 1 month of our sex..its first sex of her n mine..please some body help..how to stop pregnancy at home with out doing abortion..

  4. Hi, am really nervous. After 10 days of my mc me and my hubby had sex without any protuctive measure. Now its time to my next mc but it doesn’t come. Now it is late by 4 days. Am sure that he wont ejaculates inside me. How can i use parsley leaves and stem in an effective way to get abort. Please reply back. Am really nervous.

  5. Hey girls I have been experiencing spotting and mild pain in the abdomen. Are there other causes why these things occur? I did not experience the other symptoms so I thought I would be okay. I only did oral sex and fingering from my partner just 7 days before now. Please help me, it would be of great help! Thank you kindly.

  6. 5 days ago me and my girlfriend had an unprotected sex. The thing is I’m pretty sure I did not ejaculate inside her but we’re both afraid that she might get pregnant. It is also 7 days after her menstruation, what should I do? Thanks

  7. hi
    I am 18 year old. my mc comes regularly on the exact date. 40 days ago, after successful completion of my mc, i forgot to take precaution pills and i bedded with my hubby. i go to college. now i am not perfectly in a mood to get pregnant. and this time my mc has delayed by 12 days. i dont understand what i should do now. please suggest me a home remedy for which i would be grateful to you forever…thanking you

  8. I agree with you a 100% people just encourage you to have a baby but go on with their own lives as soon as the baby enters the world. the baby becomes your sole responsibility. Nobody can even spare their time for babysitting cos they are too busy with their own lives. A woman should have the right to decide.

  9. Hi, hopefully you would answer me as soon as possible. My monthly period supposed to be last month. Unfortunately, it didn’t came. Now, I am suffering with stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea and other symptoms of being a pregnant. I consult a doctor and found that it was only acid. I am kinda afraid and in doubt that I am pregnant. Is it really safe and effective to do such alternative abortion? Please reply, needed it most and what is the side effects? Thanks..

  10. Hi.. I’m 20 years old nd i had protected sex with my boyfriend one week ago.. The condom didn’t tore or broke or didn’t have any crack on it but still as it was my frst time I’m very much nervous and anxious.. Am i pregnant?? Other than that i am feeling like ache on stomach and usually i get my periods not on the exact date i always habe it 3-6 days later.. So even if i am pregnant i can’t get to know it as my periods falls late every month. Plzzzz help me.. What can i do.. We had protected sex.. But still I am very much nervous and I’m feeling anxiety..it’s just a week ago nd the condom. Was all ok plzz help me out guys plz..

    1. Hi. I just wanted to respond to ur question. Sweetie u are fine. Sometimes we get anxious and our bodies gives us mixed signals. I can assure u that if u wore a condom and it didnt break and it was used correctly u are not pregnant. Best of luck to u

  11. This worked for me… my cycle was to start on a Saturday. By that money I took a test, positive. Found this site. That Tuesday morning I starting taking 2000mg Vitamin C, 2000mg Cinnamon, and Papaya enzyme tablets I ordered Angelica from walmart with 2 day shipping. Took Angelica on Thursday when it came in the mail, while still taking the pills daily. For two servings of Angelica in that Thursday, it taste horrible so use as little as water as possible. Take it like a shot. That Friday morning I woke up with blood everywhere in the bed, and cramping. I took two final doses Friday, causing more cramping and clots. Two weeks later pregnancy test was negative. Believe the key ingredient is the Angelica. Other vitamins just cause my skin to look good. Please know your body and listen to it and what it can handle. Best of luck to everywhere…

  12. Hi guys…… I’m 19 yrs old. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the last day of my period ie. 14-07-2017. He ejaculated inside me. And i took 2 contraceptive pills on the same day. My periods was supposed to come on 5-08-2017 but till now i haven’t got my periods. Is there a possibility that I might be pregnant?

    1. Missing periods can cause not only on pregnancy reason, but it can cause due to other reasons too. More exercises, stressful, some medication such as antacids and many more. You’d already took pills so I don’t think that you’ll get a chance of pregnant. But best advice to consult with doctor.

  13. I am a virgin. My boyfriend just ejacupated sperm on my vagina. I cleaned it with water immediately. But now at the time of my period bleeding was not like everytime, when i urinate, blood was comming out through it. At that time i have fever also. After 2 weeks there is a apotting of blood in underwear and when I urinate it was bleeding. It happened only once. I have a doubt that am I a pregnant. Can any one help me about the situation. Is it sure that i am a pregnant?

  14. hi am not sure i am pregnant bt i reallly dont want to take the chance. I already had a medical abortion because the baby stopped developping. i realy need help and i need to know which one works best

    1. Yes, it worked for me.
      I used a combination of the sesame seed, pineapple, chamomile, and cinnamon as soon as I could, which was 4-5 days late for my period. Then I ordered Angelica online.
      When I finally received the Angelica I was 10-11 days late (3 weeks and 5 days pregnant).
      Within 3 days of starting Angelica I started bleeding A LOT and cramping really badly.

      Hope this helps!

  15. HERE IS A REVIEW!!!!!
    I pay attention to my cycle.. I record it and everything about it with an app. (Period tracker). It also shows most fertile days. It is what i use as a better tool to keep from becoming pregnant. I had a really stressful month, and with some unfortunate circumstances, had sex at the wrong time. As soon as i was a day late on my period, I began worrying. I was 3 days late when I found these types of websites. Here is what I did….
    I started taking 1000mg of vitamin c and 1000 mg of cinnamon. Every couple hours during the day. I did also take 800mg of aspirin. I ate pineapples and drank pineapple juice. Following morning I ate a unripe papaya and continued with the vitamin regiment of 1000 mg vitamin c and cinnamon every hour or couple hours. By the afternoon I felt my cramps (Little stronger than usual) and I began bleeding.
    At this early of a stage, yes I was beginning to make cells, but what this vitamin regiment does, is make it so the cells cannot attach to my uterus walls.
    I hope this helps others like me. But a key point is to know your body, pay attention to it, respect it, and try not to have this be a problem!!!
    Much love to all.. and I hope everyone is ok!!!

  16. Hello,

    I am in a deli-ma whether I am pregnant or not. My last period date was 31st of may and i have a 25days cycle. Till today (30th June) I didnt get my periods, in between i tried almost everything like Cinnamon, pineapple, seaseme seeds, aspirin, lemon but no periods yet. I dont know what to do now to get my periods. Please suggest something.

  17. My GF get pregnant and now 8 week is completed
    And we are in Dubai how can I get this medicine for please repaly me now

  18. hi. i had sex more a month ago. on may 17. i don’t
    have a regular cyle. and it’s been 50 days since my
    last period (i counted the first day of menstruation). he didn’t ejaculate in me but i’ve been experiencing some ealry signs of pregnancy (or so i googled it). i’m not ready to have a child. and i’m scared. i don’t know what to do. please. could you tell me which of these home remedies for pregnancy abortion is most effective.

  19. Best of luck to all who wants to try home remedies for abortion.
    We ( I and my husband) had sex on the safe period. I tested positive in 5 days of missing period. I started home remedies (vitamin C, Dong Quoi, Parsley, Cinnamon , Papaya, pineapple, sesame seeds, alfalfa and ginger). Nothing happened even after 10 days of overdose. I ended up in the abortion clinic and spending thousands of dollars.

  20. We’ll see abortions aren’t all that bad they are there to correct a mistake made by male when he says and I quote “you got 5 mins”. Yea

  21. I am 16 yrs old, i am a boy. I didnt know my girlfriend didnt have a period, we already consult with the doctor and doctor said that she needs her ultrasound. I dont know what to do. Her last period is april 6 and now its already may 4 but her period didnt arrive. Please help me. Im begging you. I dont know what to do.

  22. Yes I have very recently. My period was delayed 10 days (it’s mostly very regular) the first time after I had intercourse in a long time. I researched a lot how to stop my eventual pregnancy with only natural things and have successfully started menstruating after doing several things. My last day of my of menstruation was yesterday. I have put a huge lot of the stuff I found together in a file, together with my experience and am open to sharing it. It includes methods that cost nothing, up to a bit pricier things. I pirate copied a few things and its nobodies business who I am. I would like to share it, but haven’t figured out how to do that anonymously yet. If you have an idea how to do that, please share it and I will share my file with you all.

  23. Has anyone actually tried these and had success? I know I’m pregnant. This would be my third. But this time I’m in no place to have a child. I have taken 6 tests within a month and went to the doctors and that came back negative. But all the signs are there.. I need to know if these remedies will work?

    Also, has anyone bought the abortion pills online and used them? If so, please respond with details.

  24. I wanna try home remedy abortion because I’m currently pregnant and I’m scared out of mind. I used to think abortion was wrong and that girls who did it were despicable but now I understand how they felt. My parents would kill me if they ever found out I was pregnant and my bf wants to keep the baby but I’m not ready to be a parent. Will this method actually work?

  25. Hey everyone I just found out that I’m pregnant I’m in a very bad situation​. I’m 21 I am a stay at home provider for my grandparents that’s in there 80s I have two children that stay with me they have the same father one is 6 and 2 for the Pasttwo years I’ve been through u think of it I been it that situation after my house burnt and left my kid’s dad an this year has gone by I met man so nice a sweet and got me pregnant on purpose​ in Jan he told me way to keep​ a good woman is get her pregnant well I left him now I’m stuck an would like get an abortion an have to decided at home is the best way can some one please let me know the best an affective way right now I’m focus is to finish college and cherish the two children I have I love My kids but I’m 21 an have a whole life ahead of me please please please I’m begging someone to help me ..

  26. I’m surprised Juniper berry isn’t on this list. That will help to get your uterus contracting. (dried berries or tea) Best of luck all my sister friends. And please don’t be bothered with reading what these opinionated haters have to say. Just do what’s right for you! Much love!

  27. Its not problem of mine
    Its problem of one of my friend
    She has attempt for pregnancy test with sugar and urine and test gave positive result
    But she don’t want this pregnancy
    What ever happened was by mistake but
    Now she want to abort this 3-4 weeks pregnancy please tell her way to abort without going to hospital

  28. Guys, I’m not in the comments to read ANY of your opinions on terminating a pregnancy…. I want to read about successful, and even unsuccessful attempts at these remedies, for a home abortion.

  29. Because sex is only for procreation?? Lmao! Sex is a natural thing to be shared between lovers. Also, bc doesn’t always work. Mind your own damn uterus.

  30. Oh let me tell you high and mighty ones something. I’m 39 years old. I have a 20 year old son. My husband basically knocked my second child, a daughter, out of me when I was 5 months along and refused to allow me to get on BC even though the doctor advised it because if I were to become pregnant again within six months I would probably lose the baby. Six months later, pregnant. It was high risk, but everything went fine. I left my husband and when the child was 2 years old, while visiting his father the house burned down and negligence resulted in my son being LEFT IN A BURNING TRAILER while everyone else escaped. I spent the next 10 years on depo. At age 36 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Chemotherapy ensued and then a brutally botched double mastectomy happened. Having no reason to worry about pregnancy for 13 years, the damage done by both depo and chemo, along with my age did lull me into the false assumption that my uterus had probably turned to stone. I had 2 miscarriages each at the 2 months along stage last year. I set an appointment up at my counties health dept for October 4th, 2016 because I had to go to the city that day anyway. The friend who took me was fine with the trip to the courthouse that day, but wouldn’t allow me to waste an hour of his time at the health dept getting the depo shot, probably because he wasn’t getting to f*** me. I’m pregnant now by a married man whose wife participated in the relationship with me as well. They did know I was not on BC and since they made no mention of needing to prevent pregnancy and they are active swingers I assumed he must have had a vasectomy. I was wrong. I have made it past the 2 month mark and due to my age, health, the fact that I would not be a good mother to a small child at this point in my life, and the fact that due to some issues that developed in my reproductive region during cancer treatment….I now want to do what I swore I’d never do, and looked down on other women for doing…I want an abortion. YOU do not govern “morality” or personal choices for anyone but yourself, ppl. And its a very long fall off a high horse sweetie, ijs. Those things you judge having never been in that person’s shoes have a way of coming back to bite you in the a**. I’m living it right now, unfortunately.

  31. Hi I’m sreeni,i need to know how to remove two months pregnecy,…. My last periods time date 26-11-2016….till now I’m not getting periods nd i had papaya nd 🙂 pill tablet …..what to do ….?

  32. Your comment..Hi guys, I have a 14 month old daughter and yesterday I found out I’m 9 weeks pregnant, I honestly cannot afford another baby at this moment, please help me on what to take to self-induce a miscarriage. preferably natural home remedies or something

  33. This really helped. I was around a week late for my period and ultimately decided to take a test. It came out positive. I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 19 and we are both in our first year of college. Christmas Eve is our 6th month, but it feels like forever. We both want to move forward with the pregnancy, but this is the worst possible time it could have ever happened. His sister has sarcoma again and is under going chemo 4 days a week. My mother has breast cancer and my step father abandoned us, took all our money, stole the family van (which we need BC we are a family of 5 and a pitbull), and is in another state hiding from the cops with his fugitive girlfriend. Oops I meant fiance (although he’s still married to my mom). With all this going on, we are destined for failure. It pains me to say I’m going to abort my baby, but it’s what we have to do. This article has really helped me. Thank you.

  34. hey ,

    can you please help me for abort my 7 weeks pregnancy please help me because I have son and he is just one years old please help me …..

  35. By all means I respect the view points of Pro life but I always highly support Pro Choice. But what bothers me most is that When a insurance company will cover a male to have his testicles cut open and the tube that brings his sperm to surface cut and burned but they wont cover a simple procedure of giving a pill to allow the woman’s body to naturally discharge an un-develop embryo is quit frankly completely wrong in my opinion. I have 5 beautiful children all by cesarean and I was on a birth control pill. I tried doing the IUD prior to pregnancy and when they tried to insert the IUD my uterus was to big. Probably because I have had 5 children. Awaiting a tubal litigation I got pregnant while taking a birth control pill. My health and my well being to be here to support my children is far more worth MY CHOICE to decide whether on not to terminate my pregnancy. I have gone to my doctors who is pro-choice and I respect her religious views however my life is at risk of possible uterus rupture due to the amount of surgeries I have under gone and I refuse to be statistic is a doctors medical handbook. I don’t think that a decision as important as this should be governed nor interfered with our society or our government. This is a decision that every mother or woman should make this CHOICE for their own. If your responsible and this happens to you, you would do the same. If there was a natural and private way to discretely terminate a pregnancy then every woman on this planet should be made aware of it. I wish it was easier said than done but for this circumstance unfortunately it is not. I am 4.5 weeks pregnant and I want to terminate this pregnancy. After doing the vitamin c and parsley regime and it has not done justice for me and probably because I eat very healthy and my body is just use to the high levels of vitamins as is. I have looked into alternatives and the only one I have is seeing an abortion doctor paying the $560.00 fee and sitting in a room of other woman who are doing the same thing with the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation. I understand we have un-educated society in our country to this topic and that is why we need to educate and support the RIGHTS OF WOMAN to make these decisions OUR DECISIONS! Some woman are not ready to be mothers and you see grandparents raising there grandkids. Then you see woman who haven’t gained a way of life and on the streets pregnant abusing drugs and alcohol and our hospitals and legal system is giving financial aid to them to deliver and taking away the child that is born with drugs in their system to another family to raise? It is just not right. We as Woman do need to be responsible but society has made that impossible with the way they view these situations. Allow these woman to abort. Give these woman the option to tie their tubes if we know they are on the streets and doing drugs. But we don’t, we turn the blind eye and ignore the truths we face in the future. It is very sad how many woman are against each other when we should instead be supporting each other in our decisions. Food for thought!

    1. @ANNE_M I would have to support your health and baby’s health and say Absolutely NOT. You need to seek professional Medical advise because your baby is at a gestation far beyond the recommended stages for the home remedy.

  36. i ve done the pregnancy test and it was positive and i don’t want to have this baby so i am taking a half spoon of cemonnela will it be fast or low result
    answers please

  37. I think I’m pregnant not a month yet but I’m really scared….can someone recomed the quickest way terminate my pregnancy

  38. What if you are facing possible death by being pregnant. I have severe uterine scaring- which has closed off 70% of my uterus. I have Ashermans syndrome, and has placenta accreta from my first child. So, for you anti life jerks- would you rather leave your child without a mother- because the chances of me dying are significant and the other chance is a still birth because my uterus can’t handle a even part term baby. I wanted another child more than anything in this world- and found out the day I was in the hospital for my total Hysterectomy that I was pregnant. My problems are so severe that all 3 doctors: specialist said for my health I had to have a hysterectomy. So.. you pro lifers out there.. would you leave your only child an orphan just to save a bunch of cells that are only 3 weeks in the works. Think about that before you judge– you are cruel, and insensitive. Think before you open your mouth!! Ignoranance is bliss- until your the one facing death or a still born- no other options. So.. you can kiss it to be polite

  39. its not an easy tin to do. do you think dat people who want to abort are happy to do such tin. they are not !! just dat its one situation dat makes one to take such decision. No one is happy to av an abortion.

  40. This page is shocking to me! What woman would actually do something like this. What is wrong with you people! You need help.

  41. I have a very bad stress cause I’m living in a country that there is no drugs for abortion legal and doctors and the very bad culture that we have I have to go to the unsafe place and buy unsafe drugs alone even non of my family or my friends know about it 🙁
    please pray for me

  42. It’s really a good lecture you giving us here but I won’t bother posting any question because I’ve gone through all the questions here from people and not a single one is answered.

  43. Hi I wish to know if my girl friend can be pregnant. We had unsafe
    sex on the first day of her period which was on the 27th of August.
    Later we still had sex on the 10th of September that is 14 days
    after. In all these encounters I did not ejaculate inside her vagina. So now
    her period has not yet started. Does it mean that she is pregnant?

  44. Hi there.. I am going to share with you what I used. I was 3weeks and I wasn’t ready to have a kid for real.. So this is what I opted for.. Three types of exercises.. That is.. Commando push ups, skipping the rope and lying on your back, hands on your head then raise your legs on different angles then hold on for a few seconds. With rope skipping, do more than 300 jumps a day.. The second one is too much caffeine.. I used tea.. High Grade for that matter..

    All the best

  45. Thanks for putting all this up. I am a month and some days pregnant. Me and hubby are not really ready to havr kids now can i take the pineapple, parsley, vit c, laxative and aspirin all together? Please i need answers and also how effective are they?

  46. Firstly, I have to commend the researchers who have discovered these remedies; as I say well done.
    To be honest with this group, I find it very annoying and repulsive when one judges others based on one’s individual experience, without taking into consideration, what reasons others have for their decisions and actions. We are here to learn, be educated, and also to be knowledgeable, should the need arise in future. There are several reasons why women resort to early abortions (1-4 weeks); and several other reasons why women choose the homemade remedies. Gynecological study has proven that after four weeks of pregnancy, an umbilical chord is fully developed and connecting; and as such, a living baby (human with spirit) is already resident inside the womb. Early abortions are encouraged if such pregnancy will endanger the life of the woman; as it’s better one dead, than two dead. However, if for other economic and social reasons, a woman chooses to have an abortion, then let her have it before 4weeks; else, let her go on with the pregnancy, rather than taking a life for her own selfish reason(s).
    In all, I will advice that women pay more attention to their monthly circle, in order that they are able to determine when they have taken in; and try to stop the biochemical process and changes before it fully transforms into a full human. I support all those who work extensive to carryout these researches to come up with such early solutions; may GOD almighty continue to strengthen you all; AMEN.

  47. I started spotting 2 days before.. I am not sure if i m pregnant.. But i started eating papaya and pineapple and doing intense exercise also.. And how i bleeding not mch only a little with not mch blood clots only little.. Have i aborted?

  48. I have not missed my periods yet but feeling some other symptons.. Dont knw that symptoms only belong to pregnamcy or other heath concern also.. If periods are not missed yet do it conveys that i m nt pregnant

  49. It’s been 28 days since the unprotected sex. One week today since my period was due. I’m 21, have very religious parents. It was a one night stand, and I’m freaking out.

    1. Hello , I was wondering if your problem was solved? I also have the same problem. If yes pls tell me what did you do. TAI

  50. I think I’m at least a month pregnant .I’m homeless but I’ve been in a 8 yr relationship. I have no money but I can’t I won’t go through another pregnancy.I’ve been through two which went to adoption.plz help I need a painless near free abortion. Plz help I can’t go through this again.plz help.

    1. Save yourself and your body the Trauma and get your tubes tied. Government assistance is available and State medical insurance is worth a look into to help cover the cost. There are woman organizations and assistance that will help in covering most if not all the cost. I am sure if you tell them your story and how you gave up two other pregnancy to adoption and are homeless they would assist you.

  51. My story is too long, bt ill make it short , i tested positive, m 3 weeks pregnant nd i want to abort which remediez can u recommend

  52. I am three weeks pregnant, I didn’t know I was pregnant untol this week. My fear is that I had a rubella vaccine last week and I didn’t knew I was pregnant. Now I want to terminate this pregnancy coz I am afraid of defects. What should I do?

      1. Hi Their do you mind telling me what your sister did . I got my period the beginning of last month and I’m having some What cramps and my boobs are tender but I’m not sure if I’m pregnant due to the symptoms I’m feeling or if it’s just my period coming .. But since I’m stressing I feel like it’s taking forever to come !

  53. Well i went into the comments to see which of these methods work better, and have worked for other women. But I’m not really seeing that? Its just fighting and explaining themselves why they need to do this. All of these things I did not come here for, I just really want to know which of these works better/fast and such.
    So if you have used these before and you have confirmed they worked for you please let me know.

  54. I’ve used condom and been careful, I even used the morning after pill and now I am pregnant. This was not planned and I feel awful because I’ve been to many doctors and they keep telling me that it’s not normal pregnancy. I don’t wish to continue with it. I am currently 4 weeks and I should be 8 weeks. The doctors do not want to help me end this pregnancy and I feel so awful and stressed.

    Has anyone tried theses and had them work? Please respond as it would be helpful.

  55. Hi everybody, sandy is my name and 26yrs old. Two weeks ago I had an affair with my boyfriend unprotectedly. Thereafter I always feel like vomiting. I’m calling my guy to discuss with him but he seem not be interested in anything I say. I’ve done a pregnancy test which proves negative using the urine method yet still my menstruation failed to appear for 4 days now. I’ve never been pregnant and with kind of treatment the guy is giving me, I’m afraid to carry a baby for him. Responding to my calls has been a problem to him talkless of seeing me in person. Pls help me out on what to do because I’m a confused person now. Thanks.

  56. hi im 3 weeks pregnant and i desperately need an abortion,i just feel there is no place for a baby in my life.im 25 i have 3 kids,i cant be having a fourth already,pls help.

  57. That is not true. I had a period 5 months in to all four of my pregnancies. I was confirmed pregnant by blood test each time and still had regular cycles. I have four beautiful children. To each woman on this post and those reading, you know your body better than any man or doctor. Don’t believe the medicinal hype. If you feel like you are pregnant then you’re probably right.

  58. Hi guys! The last time I made love was May, and I’ve been having my periods. But I just feel like I’m pregnant_ all these symptoms freaks me out. Can some one fall preg if she’s preventing ( injection_nari) I haven’t taken any preg test yet.

  59. I am 3 weeks pregnant and I already have 4 children. I left their dad about a year ago and I’m just getting on my feet and being able to afford our very own first apartment without any help from the government for assistance. My parents taught me to stand on my own two feet and that’s what I’m doing. I never thought that I could ever abort a baby but I just can’t afford this child. Blue Cross and Blue Shield won’t cover the abortion unless there was complications with my health. I have been taking garcinia pills and vitamin C for 2 days now and I feel no change in my body. What do I do?

    1. I was browsing other websites and forum about this. Most of them say to take vitamin C capsules 1000mg every 4 hours for a 3-4 days. Don’t take more than 6000mg per day. Then take dong quai 1000mg every 4 hours.

  60. Hi, I am pro-choice. Am heftily against abortion because I do believe those cells to be a human life. However, everyone has different situations, and we don’t know what someone is going through to even consider abortion. Yes, there are people who regret it afterwards because I feel that they may have been pro-life and because of their situation felt that they had no other solution. We make many choices that we regret later, but the crux is to forgive ourselves when we believe that for ourselves it was not the right choice. I myself have not had any children, but take care of two children of a family member, and I can see how raising a child is not easy… Babies freak me out and I wouldn’t know the first thing about taking care of them… Waking up in the middle of the night; going for check-ups; the constant crying (if you have one of those babies)… and the list goes on. Having a baby is financially straining, socially embarrassing if you are underaged, embarrassing too if you are an unmarried religious person, stressful when they grow older and you don’t know what the heck you’re doing when it comes to times of discipline and what amount of freedom to give the child. Children basically take over your life, and if you feel you are unable to deal with those challenges, then it’s your decision on what to do. I am my worst critic, and would be most frustrated should someone else criticise me too. Many of us make choices that others do not agree with, and although I am not condoning abortion, I am saying that it is not my place to judge as I have not walked in the next person’s shoes. So you do what you feel the right thing to do at this time in your life: if you choose to abort, forgive yourself if you’re against it; if you don’t abort, be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Lotsa love to you all.

  61. Hi, I want to do abortion. My last menstrual cycle was 18 May 16 and my menses did not happen in June. I have consulted doctors for abortion but no one supported me. I want to know that in current stage can I do abortion. As my health situation did not allow me to have third baby. I have two sons elder is around 3 and the second is 1 year old and now I have conceived the third one. I have problems of low blood pressure and breath problems during the pregnancy. Please let me know if I can do abortion naturally in this stage.

    Best regards,

  62. Hi? My fiancé and I just just had s.x yesterday, he didn’t ejaculated inside me, but I’m still afraid that I might get pregnant. And is it possible to get pregnant even if he didn’t released it inside me? Please please. I need answers

    1. Just be careful when taking so many and since some of the foods have vitamin C, keep track of how much of each you are consuming. There is a certain vitamin C limit before it starts hurting your kidneys. I think it’s 1200 or something. I been taking the pill form of vitamin C and I’m not a doctor so I think it would be safer if you eat foods with vitamin C in it rather than take a dose of straight vitamin C. If you can understand that. I mean you will know if you start having side pain which will mean it’s your kidneys. Just watch out for that if you plan to consume tons of the foods all at once. That’s with anyone trying it.

  63. What if I’m now 6months pregnant and just decided I really don’t want to have it…. being pregnant is now really having a toll on me and I don’t want anyone to know that I ever was pregnant because I haven’t told anyone but my boyfriend and fortunate enough I’m really that good at hiding it thus far. Help please!

    1. It’s hard to do natural abortion when you’re already that far along. You have already passed 20 weeks which is when the baby already have fully developed pain receptors. (I’m not against abortion, but preferably do it before 20 weeks). If you really want to go for it, you’d have to do surgical abortion. They’d have to give anesthesia to the fetus as well.

  64. Artemisia Vulgaris or know as mugwort is also effective for abortion? If effective, please tell me about it.

  65. Just to make this clear. When I found out I was pregnant at a hospital, my doctor told me up to 8 weeks that “baby” is just a cell. There is no heart beat, no movement, nothing. Woman have the choice to either have a child or not. It’s not up for discussion. Any respectable woman would know the importance of pro-choice, and not bash on another womans choice to abort her pregnancy.

  66. Im 20 years old, and I think Im 2 months pregnant. Whats the most effective way to abort using herbal remedies? The most effective and efficient way. Im not really ready for this. Reply asap pls.

  67. What would be a safe way of increasing the vitamin C intake? How long should i be taking a certain quantity before increasing it again?

    1. Hi I had sex with my boyfriend two weeks ago..and I feel am pregnant but am not sure about it. How do I take the vitamin C. Please reply am not ready for this pregnancy.

    1. hi, I had sex with my bf but he didn’t ejaculate in me. unfortunately av missed my periods, can I eat pineapples and parsley tea?

    2. it’s been a month since I had sex with my boyfriend, he ejaculated in me and I think I missed my period so can anyone help me with it. can drinking pineapple juice, papaya or parsley tea help in abortion as it says in the above website?? please please do reply anyone, I am quite desperate.

    3. hi am i 2 1/2 months pregnant and am using cinnamon and papaya but i dont really know how to use them and i really need to get rid of the pregnancy before my boyfriend finds out

  68. Judge not, in case you should be judged, for whatever judgement you dish out on others will be served back to you. Do what Jesus would really do and don’t judge the women who have abortions. It’s not nice and it’s also rude. Show love instead. Love God, Love People, the message I live by.

  69. I feel it shouldn’t be considered an abortion until it has a heart beat and some organs. Even if you have the baby it must reach 36 weeks before it can donate organs of any kind. Scientists in labs are creating and destroying these types of cells everyday. Doing naturally is the human body using resources rather than chemical substances or surgery.

  70. People who are afraid they are pregnant after having unprotected sex. You should deal with the consequences of having sex and possibly be pregnant! That’s what happens no brainers! If you’re not ready to be a mom grow up get a brain and deal with the consequences! And if you’re not ready for that then don’t have aex or use protection!

    1. Omg, don’t you have a life that you come here to pray in women that are stressed out!!!

      Here is a solution…., read, find someone that you can annoy or yet get a shrink, I heard that they listen to your rambles because you are paying them.

    2. Would you rather this person have this child and it end up in foster care or neglected?? Too late to preach on this site Mrs/MR PREACHER WOMAN/MAN. A person on this site is already pregnant… Therefore telling them to use protection isn’t going to help now and sometimes protection fails. You do everything you can to prevent pregnancy and it fails, you don’t have the means to have a child then you have options. Quit jumping to conclusions as to why all people are here. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Hiii m nt sure m pregnant bt my periods r on n m ill this time it never happened before is it pregnancy???? Plz reply need help plzzzzzz

  71. Lolz the first an 2nd comment… umm well yea its not a baby as yet buh either way later it is developed as one. .it all end up as being a little life so basically practically it sort of is .. what about if all you all who think abortion is tge right way… cause you got pregnant early… wasnt ready for a baby or mistake… or protection didnt work…what if your parents had aborted you… umm wudnt you have been here today.. im sorry to say but i have a baby whose 1 year an 5 months an im tryin for my next… which os approximately three weeks to which im decided if i want or not…the it hit me so much of lifes gets taken… the same u dont one is the one youll love… i didn wanted my baby cause of her dad an here we are living together… happy an abortion just rong.. it isnt right then again the people who commit the act has there reasons.. so actually to some of us its wrong cause we arent in there shores!!

    1. If our mother had aborted we wouldn’t be here. So what? We wouldn’t feel a thing because we wouldn’t exist. Do you realize how stupid your words sound?

  72. Hey…my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex…I didn’t allow him to ejaculate in him…is there a possibility that I might fall pregnant?…if so what can I do about? Can taking a bunch of vitamin C pills help me terminate the pregnancy?

  73. Hii everyone.. I tested myself at home.. And the pregnancy test came out positive. I might only be a month pregnant.. What can I do?

    1. I had sex with my fiance two weeks after menstruation am afraid I could be pregnant can i take any of the fruit medication for pregnancy? Or what should i do? Because am not ready for a baby now

  74. Hi. My wife and I just had a baby 2 months ago. My wife thinks she’s pregnant again. What can we do to terminate the pregnancy?

  75. Me and my boyfriend have sex . Im so scared of what will happen if ever i’m pregnant,because we are not that ready. Can i follow your advices now to make sure that i will not be pregnant ? Please. Reply ASAP. thanks.

    1. Use protection: the pill, condoms, and if you can’t get any of these… don’t let him ejaculate inside you. Otherwise, you WILL get pregnant.

    1. im 21 yrs old.. im afraid and worried about this because im pregnat of 3 months.. and i want to abort. this because im not ready for this.. pleade do hlp me.. im so worried about this

  76. Im 20 years old,and I’m afraid if I’m pregnant.I’m 2 days delayed,Me and my boyfriend wasn’t ready for what will happen.Im on my regular menstrual period.,so,this time I’m scared because Im 2 days delayed,.Am I considered myself pregnant by having this delay???

  77. I took a test and result was positive. today is 21st day after my unprotected sex. i took postpone tablet on the day of my sex i dint get my periods and i checked. niw let me know what to do for abortion is it early or late.

  78. I had my regular period for the month and it still feels like sumtin is wrong. I have been having this pain in my waist. I’m taking pills for infection still, the pain is there. pls advise.

    1. Talk to you OBGYN. It could be anything ranging from irregular period cramps to ovarian cancer. Nobody here will be able to accurately tell you for sure, but your gynecologist should give you a better idea.

  79. @joe I can imagine the pains she would be going through but I would advice she goes for the surgical abortion coz the pills might not finish the process afterall.

  80. My wife was supposed to be 14 weeks pregnant an we just found out that our baby stop developing at 7 weeks now the baby still inside her an we are tryn to have it pass naturally caus she don’t want it removed by the doctors she was prescribed misoprostol to try an speed up the process she is getting very bad cramps caus that’s one of the effect of passing the baby but I’m looking for a natural remedie to speed up the process caus her cramps are getting worse an I can’t stand seeing her like this is their anyone that has any advice an nothing negative to say

  81. You should not judge. People are so quick to judge not knowing what other people is going through. We are humans who have reasoning. We can feel not only on the outside of the body but also the inside.

  82. Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law. Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.

    1. “Moral law” is not a real concept. Based on the principals of Virtue Ethics and Utilitarian Ethics, abortion at this stage is completely ethical.
      Also, at this stage of pregnancy, there is no human inside the woman. It is a small collection of stem cells that are virtually identical to the small collection of stem cells that are inside of every other pregnant mammal when they are at this stage of pregnancy.

    2. What if I told you I was raped? Do you have any idea the emotional toll it takes on a woman? The love they can’t give their child because it serves as a constant reminder? Do you know how uncomfortable and humiliating it could be to go to a doctor? Sometimes there is really only one option.

      1. What if I told you I was raped? For two years of my life. I was drugged and used as a form of payment. I was physically and mentally abused and eventually overdosed while I was pregnant. I tried to kill myself and the doctors literally brought me back to life. My baby inside of me survived all of that and eventually I got away. Today, she is my biggest blessing. Today, she makes me a better person and I know God helped us through that. He allowed me to be her mommy. Although I didn’t want her at fist. Now, I would kill for her. I would starve just so I could make sure she could eat. It was never her fault. She saved my life.

    3. “from the first moment of existence ,a human beeing must be recognized as having the rights of a person” thats totally right but there is no human beeing yet just a ugly bunch of cells with no feeling of pain,thoughts or self awerness u cant even call it living on itself yet at that stage its nothing more than a parasite(cell mass which feeds of the system of the mother) and not even that at least a parasite can make own choiches… wouldnt call that thing human at all in this stage

    1. Eating dong quai capsules. would help. I just bought one bottle of dong quai capsules. It says “Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of menstrual pain and cramps, and to regulate menstruation for women”.

  83. Sorry very sad that women resort to internet options to carry out such a long term distructive act such at abortion. Women, KNOW that what resides within you in a creation, partly YOU. Countless women are forever CHANGED once their CHILD is aborted. The immediate “stress” is “ended”, yet, what begins is the MOTHER’S steady decline to self distruction. WHO, mongst you now, will be there for you WHEN (and not IF), you alone begin to morn and process and permanent reality that you chose to “end a life, YOUR child’s Life”? I mean NO harm. Just from a mother to another MOTHER (you now are), listen to yourself, you heart, the soul in you…sweetOne, your life is forever changed, and taking the termination option will take you with it, forever. I wish you the clarity and strength you need right now, because NOTHING is more important that this moment and how you choose to handle it. Peace, a Mom.

    1. Women don’t HAVE to have A BABY, besides, this website is for EARLY abortions so basically not even a baby yet. It also really dumb when you EXAGERATE your words by putting them in CAPITAL letters. Sincerely, go kill yourself

      1. I agree with u! Some people need to mind their business and stop bringing down other people because of their choices! U don’t know what any of us are going through which made us consider having an abortion!! Why don’t u kill ur self like for real

      2. You entire comment became null when you said go kill yourself. You’re an [edited by moderators]. Don’t say things like that just because someone has a different opinion.
        That’s such a juvenile insult, and frankly unnecessary.

      3. I love how people like to comment how juvenile things are in an obnoxious statement to try to appear credible and intelligent.. when.. you became a complete dick by hording over words that weren’t even meant seriously.. oh.. People are stupid..

        1. Now now, I think we can all agree everyone has an opinion. No one is stupid for holding their opinions. No one should be calling anybody anything. I myself don’t know if I’d ever abort or not, but I love that this website and this page exists for the women who need it. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and nobody should feel shamed for it. That woman had a right to post her opinion, as all of you had a right to post yours. No one is stupid, and no one should feel the need to impose upon others. Coexist.

    2. This is the biggest load of bull crap!

      First off, there is no “child”. It is literally just a bundle of cells at this point. There may be “potential” for human life, but it’s just that, potential. Those cells cannot exist outside of the body yet. There is no cognitive function until the third trimester and unlike all the scam information out there, actual peer-reviewed scientific studies show no capability for a zygote/fetus to feel pain until into the third trimester too. Those cells are NOT a child. They are NOT an autonomous human being. They are practically the same as any other cells in your body from your blood vessels to your bones.

      Also, there is NO “steady decline to self-destruction”! What self-destruction!? Women choose whats best for them based on their lives. I have had two abortions and known many, many others who have had abortions and none of them have been some harrowing experience that leads to misery. If it weren’t for people like you who shame women for this medical decision, we would all come out and say you will be just fine. Almost a third of women in the USA will have an abortion in their lifetime and I don’t see that many women destroying themselves over it. Stop putting women down for a simple medical procedure!!!! You should be trying to build your sisters up, not bring them down!

      Sisters, if you need to have an abortion or you want to go through with a pregnancy, don’t let anyone like this tell you otherwise! This is your body and your choice!

      1. Thank you dear, I really need your help. My younger sister is in such a state, planning to abort. She is a student in a foreign country, her boyfriend graduated and left and now she realise she is pregnant. Attempt to reach the boy has not been fruitful. We want to use home remedy. What do you recommend.

      2. No, you are spewing false information. I have witnessed 19-20 week deliveries after spontaneous ruptured membranes that lived for hours….20-26 week fetuses that cried and moved….yes, if procedures were done, they flinched, a response to pain. This woman is not happy. She is still grieving a loss and trying to justify her decision. I pray for any woman who feels the desperation that she must go feel abortion is her only answer, and grieve for the spirit of people who are so callous to write “Go, kill yourself” to another being. Do not be deceived. Abortion stops a beating heart. Think before you yoke yourself to one whose first concern is “Abortion, right?”

    3. Go to he’ll, when the guy abandon you and you have no other email to look after you and you live in a country where you get deported then yes you will abort.

    4. Why are you even on here if you’re disagreeing with this concept. Really..you’re just here to cause argument, you will never change people’s minds

    5. yeah judge all you want no one cares for your small minded opinions

      people like you is why these young girls spiral down into self destruction

      they need positive support
      not ugly lashing negative rants like yours

      unless you have something postive to say

      keep your ugly opinions to yourself

    6. Even though you may or may not agree to this. Butvwomen have the right to make the decision. They don’t HAVE TO have a baby if they dont want to.

        1. Dear Annonymous:
          There are persons who abstain from sex but yet get pregnant due to rape or being molested (I’m pretty sure it stated that in the article) and are not even in a clear state to think about an EC within the 72hrs. Plz, you have no idea what ppl vo thru so dnt try to troll anyone d first chance you get, pray them up instead (not ur job to judge).

        2. I don’t know if you know this but there are times when birth control does not work and people end up pregnant. You can’t go around telling people how to treat their bodies either. Just because you don’t want a baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have sex. Pregnancy happens sometimes and its better that its terminated instead of it bringing misery to everyone around it and to itself

    7. Who are you to Assume that a woman would lead herself on a path of self destruction?? Perhaps the feeling would be more Relief! Than Anything else, as a mother myself I Have the right to decide whether or not I wish to continue with a pregnancy, there are Babies being Abandoned on the street maybe If Abortions were made more readily Available we wouldn’t see this happening?? Because If A Woman really doesn’t want to have a baby Than she is well within her rights Not too!! No one else has the right to judge!! From a Mother who stands for woman’s Rights.✊✊✊

        1. Damn! I came here to find out how to do an actual abortion and I will admit I am annoyed by the judgement I see being cast here. I am HIV+ because I was raped and impregnated and fuck this shit! I am NOT having this child so go fuck yourself madame anonymous you here to get advice as well on how to abort. You sicken me!

    8. Matthew 7:1-3
      Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    9. I found out I was pregnant rmy 4th child. I’m severely struggling taking care of the ones I have. Was seriously considering abortion. Until I read your comments. I thank u n god bless

    10. Thanks for your positive words and encouragement to women who are undoubtedly at a very low moment in thier life to consider taking the life of thier own child.

    11. A woman’s body is her own. Shame on you for shaming women who don’t want to have children. I’m glad people are laughing in the comments because what you chose to post is ridiculous! You are a self righteous turd. I hope your children turn out better than you have.

    12. Are you saying pregnant teens’ lives should be ruined by a child that they didn’t want to have but we’re forced too? You disgust me.

    13. Do you feel better when you activly seek out a page that is obviously dedicated to a topic you already disapprove of so that you may virtually finger waggle at the women trying to find help? No? Didn’t think so. I’m here because I think this is the best option, a few words typed out from the same kind of people that go out and protest in front of planned parent hood are not going to alter my decision. A child, the process of having a child, all of it, is not economically feasable. Women have been self moderating births throughout the centuries. So before you tell me to keep this, go broke in the process, or auction it off to a stranger, think about how not everyone can have a baby thrown in their life and have everything come out hunky dory.

    14. Women can do whatever they want to and no most women do not regret having an abortion, in fact, they are more likely to regret NOT getting an abortion. I have a lot of those moments, I was talked into keeping my child and scared of disappointing my family, little did I know how selfish they were being by trying to convince me to keep my child. They never offered to watch him like they promised, they never check up on him, they constantly criticize my parenting abilities knowing good and damn well I never wanted a baby in the first place. Women do not listen or get guilt tripped into keeping a baby, people will lie and promise you the world just to entrap you into motherhood and then turn their back on you as soon as that baby enters the world.

    15. Just would like to say to the mother using CAPITAL LETTERS to empathise certain words to make her opinions and views come across more strong… you can only judge a person/s when you have personally gone through the experience yourself. Abortions are not things you can erase – I agree – but nether is having a child with a lazy controlling man which you will never be able to fully get away from for the rest of your life. Abortions aren’t easy for any woman, it’s not something you would speak about out of conversation or feel the need to remind yourself that you went through this expiernece. But bottom line is, they are legal. They are done by NHS and they are here to protect our own living life’s. The life’s that we need to protect the most. A baby life matters but the person who is carrying the baby and who has been on this earth for far longer deserves to make the right decision for herself. So be very careful with what type of points you want to being into this conversation when I really think you have no idea

    16. Oh goodness, lol. Seriously, lady – get off the podium. Early termination is a blessing in basically all of the cases in which it was or will be applied. Stop worrying about this and instead worry about the world we live in which is grossly overpopulated and filled with starving people. Many of whom are children.

    17. How about the abortion of ALL species (including ourselves) through overpopulation and overconsumption of natural resources?
      For God’s sake, try to educate yourself and begin to utilize critical thinking and logic in the future and don’t be so petty as to stoop to emotional manipulation through BS propaganda tactics in order to project your ignorant and small minded agenda.

  84. Thanks to sharing the step by step herbal abortion guide because I see it in a book shop at $50 but is very expensive for me I have 19yo and don’t work

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Early abortion options available

Early abortion is safe and legal in most of the countries. There are two options to choose for the first-trimester abortion process.

Medication abortion and aspiration abortions are two ways to terminate the fetus without much difficulty.

However, medication mifepristone is prescribed for abortion at five weeks to abortion at 11 weeks at a clinic.

The second pill misoprostol, is taken after 6 hours, but before 72 hours in cheek to dissolve slowly or in the vagina.

After the second pill, vaginal bleeding and crump start for some hours. This way, the fetus is aborted from the womb.

In the case of aspiration abortion, the health provider takes the special instrument to remove the fetus from the uterus by placing it inside the vagina.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete at the clinic or hospital. In both cases, a visit after a week is prescribed to the patients routinely.

Bleeding and cramp is part of both processes. It takes a week or longer to stop the bleeding.

Abortion at 5to 11 weeks pregnancy

Doctors always suggest the patient terminate the fetus within 5 to 7 weeks because of health safety.

Pregnancy can come at any age after a girl reaches her puberty period. Sometimes, women do not want to go through the physical pain of carrying the fetus inside the womb.

Then they must decide on abortion at five weeks. Both the abortion pill and aspiration abortion has a high chance of abortion at six weeks.

However, this becomes difficult, depending on the woman’s health, when the fetus grows into seven weeks or after.

Abortion at seven weeks is riskier than abortion at six weeks.

The pill for abortion or the process of aspirational abortion is not costly, and the patient is discharged within an hour after aspiration abortion.

Some may feel nausea after taking the pill, but this goes away within 1 or 2 days.

Abortion at 11 weeks is possible with the same pill and aspiration process, but the bleeding may continue for a long time, depending on the fetus’s size in the womb.

However, this is not risky at all, and the woman can have pregnancy later after the procedures.

Abortion in 8 weeks

In 8 weeks fetus gets potential feeding to start forming a shape of life. That is why; 8 weeks pregnant abortion is slightly difficult than early abortion.

Sometimes, tests are performed to check the fetus’s quality in the womb, so the pregnant woman does not suffer from any problematic situation later.

However, the abortion pill works in abortion at seven weeks or 8-week pregnancy termination process too.

The pill has the potential to block the secretion of the hormone that gives life to the fetus. When this hormone secretion is stopped, the fetus is terminated without any effect.

Blood clot and tissue passage may continue for a week or two, but the pill works in 98% cases of 8 weeks termination. If this fails, then the aspiration abortion process is done for abortion.

Abortion in the second trimester

The second trimester is the best time of any pregnancy. The body starts to change and takes a positive mood.

The first trimester gives several difficulties to the women, but this fades away with glowing skin, energetic mood, and zero problems.

The first trimester is the best period to terminate a pregnancy, but this is done in the second trimester in some cases too.

Sometimes, the fetus is not suitable for the mother’s health condition, or it is unhealthy.

The doctors decide on second-trimester abortion through a surgical process involving two days of the affair only.

Dilation and evacuation are done in 2 days to terminate the pregnancy based on the patient’s medical reasons.

 Otherwise, it is not legal to carry on the abortion in any country of the world because of the risk involved in this pregnancy; eight weeks pregnant abortion is less risky like second-trimester abortion.

Abortion in late-stage

Abortion in the late-stage can involve significant risk to the mother and the baby.

All doctors perform early tests and screening to decide if the pregnancy should be carried on or not.

Sometimes, mishaps happen, and health is affected by the baby and mother.

Then late-stage abortion is done through the surgical process. The late-term abortion is a controversial affair in most countries, as this is illegal without any particular emergency cause.

For this reason, early abortion options are more viable from late-term abortion.

If you have made up your mind to go through the abortion process, avoid taking the risk after the second-trimester abortion period.

It may take a huge toll on the overall health of yours.

Therefore, stay cautious.

How Does an Abortion Work? [FACTS] 9

Before you go for an abortion, it is necessary to understand how does an abortion work?

This is a very serious decision which has to be taken very attentively.

With the advancement in medical science, it has become a comfortable and safe method.

When you go to a doctor for an abortion, a thorough examination is done of your medical history.

Various tests have to be performed. A blood test to find out your blood group and check whether one is anemic or not is performed.

The patient is also tested for any disease that is sexually transmitted.

A vaginal examination is also done many times.

Ultra scan and cervical screening tests for any infection are also important in many cases.

Once it is done, a proper medical case history is prepared to mention the total pregnancy duration.

This becomes a paramount factor for suggesting which abortion method will be most effective and safe.

After studying all the reports, the doctor will suggest this.

When you think of how does an abortion work? You will find several techniques that are involved.

Natural remedies are always appreciated.

There are numerous natural home abortion remedies and methods that may work for you.

Usually, during early pregnancy, these methods are very effective and have proved to serve the purpose well.

  • Taking a hot shower regularly, along with various natural herbs, has also proven to accelerate abortion.
  • Natural home abortion remedies and methods also include the intake of various vitamin C foods. These are highly contraceptive. When you doubt pregnancy, it is best to have ample citrus food during the monthly period.
  • Papayas are most trusted as a contraceptive for miscarriages. It is acclaimed as the imperative natural abortion remedy.
  • Pineapples are another fruit that should be consumed for abortion. It is rich in vitamin C and also has certain enzymes that lead to abortion.
  • Incorporating sesame seeds in dishes is also helpful. One can also soak it in water for a night and drink it the next morning.
  • Cinnamon is also another ingredient that serves as a natural remedy. Uncooked cinnamon works more effectively than the cooked ones.
  • Sexual intimacy during the first three months may cause abortion. The penetration and having an orgasm very frequently will lead to effective miscarriage.

Herbal options are also superlative.

When you are looking for a pure herbal abortion, many culminating herbs can be used?

Black cohosh is one essential herb that helps in abortion. It is necessary to follow it by taking red cohosh.

Blue cohosh is considered a uterine stimulant. One can consult the herbalist to prescribe the dose.

Taking angelica four times a day with a cup of hot water will also do a great job.

Cotton root bark interferes with corpus luteum and progesterone; this is another simple herb used as a natural remedy.

Pennyroyal is another option but is used very rarely for some of its toxic effects.

For herbal abortion, tansy herb is also used but is highly toxic, so make it your last option.

Another good herb is Parsley with is used in combination with other herbs and vitamin C fruit.

It is often used as a pessary, which will make the cervix ready for release.

Oenothera hookeri is popular as evening primrose. All the above herbs should be used after consulting an herbalist.

They will be able to suggest you the best one and will also prescribe the right dose.

History of Saline abortion

One method used for a very long time is the saline abortion.

In this technique, the amniotic fluid is replaced by a saline liquid. This fluid is made of a salt solution.

A syringe and a needle are used to inject the amniotic fluid and inject in a concentrated saline solution.

This solution will kill the fetus. It is also referred to as installation abortion.

The saline abortion is a commonly known way of abortion known nationwide for years.

This is one method of abortion but not a hundred percent safe. This is the reason for which it was in controversy many years ago.

Successful methods to adopt

Abortion methods are many but which is most suitable varies from individual to individuals.

Only a well-learned doctor will be able to advise you on this.

There are different surgical methods performed by doctors throughout the world.

The stage of pregnancy and the unborn size also play a detrimental factor in choosing the most effective method.

From the first day of the last period, weeks of pregnancy are calculated. Two types of abortion suggested are medical and surgical.

Medical abortion can be categorized as early and late medical absorption. Early medical abortions take place within nine weeks of pregnancy.

In this type of abortion, two medicines are given at a difference of thirty-six hours and forty-eight hours.

To block the hormone which will prepare a lining of the womb, the first medicine is given.

After two days, another medicine is given, which will break the lining of the womb.

From seven to fifteen weeks, vacuum suction is used as abortion methods.

Local anesthesia is given to the patient, and within five to ten minutes, the fetus is removed through suction.

In surgical abortion, forceps, as well as suction tubes, are used. There are numerous clinics to perform such tasks.

Only if abortion is very much necessary one should opt for these methods. There are many clinics with efficient doctors for reliable guidance and consultation.

Only when you are fully convinced then go for the remedies. Intelligent decision making with the right consultation is the key to a successful miscarriage.

Make sure that you give your life safety a priority in whatever method you adopt. The expenses will also vary depending on the type of treatment being adopted.

Do a rigorous survey before choosing any method.

Unplanned Pregnancy Medical Treatment [Quick Overview] 5

Our life has been becoming complicated day by day with the advancement of the technological guide.

But something has remained still grounded in its natural self as like being a mother.

The feeling of being a mother is something which cannot be felt by everyone.

The feeling of giving birth to a child and creating a new life is something very touching and awesome.

So the sentiment on this topic is somewhat a bit touchy and is not a matter taken lightly.

Every woman

Has the power of giving birth to a baby and experiences the feelings of being a mother of a child and brings them up in her own way of creation.

In any country where the population is a matter of discussion and the law has been declared mentioning the number of children to be limited, there the birth process should be controlled.


While the process of giving birth to a baby included a range of pleasure o life, sometimes accidentally women get conceived and thus are able to give birth to a baby.

Thus previously it was not able t get controlled off.

But science has made it possible to control the birth process and the terminology used for the process is aborted.

Thus this is processes by which the zygote of the baby can be ended which prevent the development of a baby.

Abortion – the savior process for the woman who doesn’t want the zygote to grow

Abortion included a minor surgery and now day there are many alternatives to abortion we will discuss the details related to this issue based on its importance of knowing by common people.

Abortion is a very tough process:

For any woman and it sometimes gets sentimental due to various kinds of issues.

But whatever may be the issue:

Abortion is a very hard task to accomplish. Most of the unplanned pregnancy needs this process.

But the doctors refer and suggest to the other alternatives to abortion.

There are lots of abortion facilities available which can be a very safe process to be owned.


They are much more affordable than the abortion process and hence is suggested to be taken by them.

If any couple wants to unwanted pregnancy process then the alternatives can be a good process to be owned by them, hence the couples get both the sweet memories and experiences in their life.

But it is suggested by the doctors to refer to them to know the steps of the pregnancy and the development of the zygote.

Queries and the common reference to the abortion process
While any woman comes to know that abortion is the only process that is left for the situation then the first question that normally strikes the mind is that do abortions hurt?

The answer may actually vary from person to person.

One word answer is impossible to answer and hence you could get varied kinds of experience about the abortion surgery.

Though there is a pain:

That is being experienced during the heavy menstrual cycle and that pain persists for a few hours to days which again vary.

Thus the actual process of abortion- either medical or surgical is a matter of few minutes and hence the after effect of the abortion is a bit painful.

Cramps are also being reported by many patients during the abortion.

These cramps also persist for few times.

But a mother experiences a more pain while giving birth to a baby than while killing it. So it is not at all a problem to have an abortion if you don’t want to have a second baby or any kind of unplanned pregnancy.

The process is becoming more painless day by day with the advancement of the medical sciences.

Side effects to the abortion process and their cause

Every treatment and a matter of abortion side effects there are some common side effects and some less common side effects but whatever may be the case, there should be some effects related to the abortion process.

They may be commonly listed as below:

  • Fast pulse beats
  • Lower back pain or side pain
  • Sweating and feeling dizziness
  • Pale skin
  • Shoulder pain or stomach pain
  • Large amount of bleeding
  • High fever
  • Cough and broken voice
  • Pain all over the body.

Besides all these are less common side effects which include excessive vaginal bleeding and unusual weakness, uterine cramping, leg pain and back pain, musculoskeletal side effects, respiratory problems, etc.

If all the side effects are being observed by the patient then the consultation with the doctor is required and it is being treated medically by the doctors.


This entire problem is nothing very serious and this will surely fade away with the times.

All these abortion side effects are common whoever has experienced the abortion process.

So the most asked question

That does abortions hurt is being answered and hope this will surely help you to get the best possible hope for the abortion.

The gyno doctors should always be referred to before you attain to have an abortion.

It is better suggested not to take the process on your own way as the condition of the zygote is needed to be checked out.

Hence some necessary steps and examination need to be done while you want to do the abortion.

Thus get the necessary things done before you get the medical or surgical treatment.

Moreover, some steps may require surgical treatment too for the condition of the zygote.

Thus it is not a matter of joke as any kind of wrong steps can really cause your health a lot.

Get the advice of the doctor before taking any kind of pregnancy.

It is not a better choice to abort a developing zygote.

Better take the necessary preventive steps on beforehand.

There are many process and steps which can be taken to prevent the pregnancy.

Moreover, there is always a risk of affecting the mother’s health in many ways.

So get the good steps to avoid all these unnecessary steps for a good and hygienic health condition of any woman.

Getting a good health is a must for all.

Dong Quai Abortion – What You Should Know (SAFE GUIDE) 3

Being pregnant can be a scary thing, especially if this is your first time. It is possible that you may have or may not have planned the pregnancy.

Whatever the situation might be, it is completely your decision whether you want to keep the child. You always have the option of carrying the child and then giving it up for adoption.

However, you may not even want anyone to know that you are pregnant at all. This is where an abortion can come in handy, but the whole process can be embarrassing, stressful, and even expensive.

This is where Dong Quai enters the picture. Dong Quai can be both helpful and hurtful during pregnancy.

Below, you will learn more information about Dong Quai and how to use it properly.

What Is Dong Quai

Dong Quai is a plant that grows in the damp, cold mountains of Korea, China, and Japan. The plant consists of purple-colored stems and has umbrella-shaped white flowers.

This plant is often used as a blood purifier and muscle relaxer, but it can be used for several other purposes.

Herbal Abortion

Some women are using Dong Quai in combination with blue and black cohosh to induce an herbal abortion.

Keep in mind that this can be a hazardous process if it is not performed correctly. Using the incorrect amount of herbs can lead to several complications.

However, if the proper combination of herbs is used, abortion can be a success.

With all that being said, you should never try to induce a natural abortion without a professional trained medical physician’s supervision.

This whole process will need to take place early in your pregnancy. Dong Quai can be beneficial when taken later during pregnancy.

Benefits Of Taking Dong Quai

There are tons of benefits that you can receive from taking Don Quai, and they will be listed below.

  • Estrogen levels- this magical herb can balance your estrogen levels. If they are too low, the herb can correct that, and if they are too high, the herb can balance them out.
  • Male fertility- studies have shown that the Ferulic acid found in Dong Quai can improve a man’s sperm quality. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant.
  • Female fertility- taking Dong Quai can help with infertility in females as well.

As you can see, Dong Quai is a potent herb that can be used for many different things. Just make sure that you are using it correctly if you do indeed choose to use it.