How Long Does Suboxone Last In The System

If you are currently being prescribed Suboxone for opiate addiction, you may often wonder how long it lasts. Suboxone is classified as a schedule III drug and even though it contains buprenorphine, which is an opioid, it is not effective in treating severe pain. Many individuals that are taking Suboxone routinely may find themselves in a dilemma, if they are injured severely in a motor vehicle crash or fall. If you are facing this type of situation, you may be wondering how long does Suboxone last?


Suboxone contain a drug known as naloxone, which is capable of blocking the effects of narcotics. This is why Suboxone is not suitable for pain treatment, so if you are suffering from severe pain, you might as well contain your primary care physician to request a solution for your issue.

Waiting Game

Suboxone will stay in the system for up to 48-120 hours, but this will depend on the maintenance dose, how long you have been taking the drug, and your metabolic rate. If you have a speedy metabolism, the Suboxone may not stay in your system as long as with someone with a slow metabolism. There are things that need to be factored into the equation, which is why you should contact a professional to receive the genuine answer to this question.


If you are being treated for opioid addiction with Suboxone, you should weigh your risks of taking any type of opioid medication. You will risk relapsing, so if you can endure the pain, you should very consider holding off on taking any other pain medication.

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