Suboxone Strips – Everything You Need To Know [GUIDE]3 min read

There are massive amounts of individuals all around the world that have become addicted to various substances.

Opiates are undoubtedly some of the most commonly abused drugs. Breaking free of these medications is possible, but the process will not be easy.

Thankfully, some aids can make the task slightly easier. This is where Suboxone strips come into the picture. 

Within this guide, you will learn all there is to know about these strips.

What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a medication that is commonly used to combat opioid addiction. The medicine uses buprenorphine and Naloxone to help wean the user off the opiate. Although Suboxone is very similar to Subutex, it is also different since it uses two active ingredients, instead of just one. The added Naloxone can help make the medication more effective by blocking opiate medications’ effects.

What Are Suboxone Strips?

It should be known that Suboxone is available in a variety of different forms.

Although it is more frequently prescribed in pill form, the medication is also available in strips. The strips work identically to the pills, although the actual usage is slightly different. The strips contain 8mg of Suboxone and 2mg of Naloxone. This combination has been proven effective, so you can rest assured, knowing that the strips will help you break free of your opioid addiction.

How They Work

Before attempting to utilize these strips, you should take the time to figure out precisely how they work.

The strips aren’t much different from the pills and will work similarly. The medication is capable of interacting with your brain’s opiate receptors. It provides the user with the same euphoric feeling which is felt when consuming other opiates.

Of course, it doesn’t deliver the overwhelming high, which can be disorienting.

When appropriately used, the strips can eliminate your opiate cravings while alleviating the withdrawal symptoms.

The combination will allow you to withdraw from the drugs much easier and without so much pain and suffering.

Potential Adverse Effects

Before consuming any medication, even strips, you should familiarize yourself with the potential risks. Although Suboxone is generally very mild and safe, it has a few negative adverse effects.

These will be listed below for your convenience.

  • Headaches and pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Peripheral edema

Although these effects aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be frightening and annoying. To lower the chances of experiencing these, you should only use the strips, as instructed by your doctor. Also, be sure that you never mix the medication with others like Xanax or tramadol.

Understanding The Suboxone Strips High

Many individuals will attempt to abuse Suboxone in hopes of getting high.

Although this might seem like a good idea, it is not. Suboxone is designed to prevent the user from experiencing a high when using other opiates. Although it can provide you with mild euphoria, it will not deliver the overwhelming high associated with heroin and other harsher drugs.

With this in mind, Suboxone, whether in the pill form or strips, should not be used as a way to get high. The results will not be those that are desired.

Also, utilizing the medication with others is a mistake, as the Suboxone will void the other medications’ effects.

Opiate Blocking Properties

It should be known that Suboxone works like an opiate blocker. It blocks the brain’s opiate receptors and prevents these medications from inflicting a high on the user.

Also, the Naloxone in the drug will result in instant opiate withdrawal, when combined with other opiates. Therefore, other opiates should be avoided when utilizing Suboxone.


All in all, Suboxone is a medication that is used to combat opiate addictions. As long as you use the drug safely and do not mix it with others, it would help if you did not experience any adverse side effects.


  1. My strips taste little funny and look blotchy dark and light all over

  2. I thank my father who told me about the Suboxone medicine which is currently the hot and widely used drug for treating the narcotic addiction. I usually have a habit of using the narcotic pain killers and finally I had faced a lot of health problems including heart attack. My father recommended using the Suboxone drug as per the prescription and direction of his physician. Now, I’m really happy with my healthy lifestyle.

  3. I usually got chronic leg pains and I used one famous opioid drug as the pain killer. First, I was using it just for reducing my pain and later it has become an addiction to me. My physician suggested me to make use of the Suboxone drug to treat this opioid pain killer addiction.

  4. Recently, one of my family members suggested me to use the Suboxone drug in order to get rid of my opioid addiction. I have done a lot of researches on this drug before going to use it and I have found that it has two effective ingredients called naloxone and buprenorphine which are the main reasons for its extraordinary addiction recovery results. I was really amazed with its agonist activity and effective results at last.

  5. How long should it take for someone who has used heroin to feel good using soboxone

  6. As Suboxone is the greatest medicine which includes the effective combination of two crucial compounds such as naloxone and buprenorphine, it gets me out from the addiction of regularly using the opioid pain killer drug. This opioid partial agonists drug provided me an amazing result with the complete relieves from the symptoms of the opiate withdrawal. As the buprenorphine ingredient is the narcotic and powerful substance, it completely avoids the addiction of using the different opioids such as hydrocodone, heroin and more.

  7. Has anyone out there ever been put on Suboxone for pain ? My Doctor put me on it for pain and I have never had a drug addiction. Is this common ? I also noticed that my pain is still there and I feel just a little more active which seems to make me over do myself and my pain gets worse. Not sure if the suboxone is right for me . I have never been one to take pain meds. always scared of them but my pain is getting to be unbearable and the over the counter stuff just don’t work much anymore either.

  8. I have just recently been out in it for pain, but I believe the PM is also trying to reduce the withdrawal from the opiote meds I’ve been on, just recently Belbuca film and Nucynta……. he advised me that the Belbuca and Nucynta can’t even work together as what’s in the Belbuca blocks the Nucynta doing its job because the Belbuca in your brain what the Nucynta is supposed to do. He suggested that maybe I was just getting a placebo effect from the Nucynta but I explained I couldn’t really tell since my pain never really goes away completely and so it’s naggging effects are always there. At first visit to the new PM I was switched to T3, roboxin, something called Butatbital( for migraines and neck tension) and Nortriptyline 10mg 1-3 at bed for sleep and nerve pain. I was supposed to followed with previous PM Dr to fill my rx’s given by her one last time just in case or to be able to utilize with my new regimen rx’d by the new PM…… needless to say I missed that appt on a Monday morning after Easter because I was just wiped out! Since then I have felt like I have the flu, hot and cold, sweating and burning all over, head very fuzzy, etc. I had been using the 2 opiote meds I had left sparingly but then it occurred to me, could I possibly be going Thru withdrawal? I emailed the new Drs office right away and within 5 minutes I had them on the phone and an appt for the following Saturday! The new Dr put me on suboxene without really saying it was for withdrawal but used for pain and as a gastric bypass patient it was a good fit because I can I use it in a strip to desolve in my mouth, therefore getting into my blood stream quicker. I still after 6 years of being post op gastric bypass I still can’t get anyone to answer the ? Do these medicines metabolize and leave my body quicker than the norm and that NSAID’S are a big no no especially since I have a pretty big ulcer, yet they still suggest them for inflammation and I have to repeat myself again NO NSAID’s and then there also that anything time release or slow acting will not work for me because of yes the way I motabolize its out of my system before it can do its job. Yet they still try! Frustrating at times, it’s as if I speaking Chinese and they can’t translate! I did notice the first few days of the Suboxone I seemed to have no pain at all, or so significant significantly less that I am actually notice. Yet I’m still tired and heads still fuzzy……. am I still experiencing withdrawal or am
    I in a flare from all the changes and stress…… flares are no fun! Neither is being stuck on the medication and dr merry-go-round! Anyone else experience anything g like this? I’d love to hear it’s not just me! Lol

  9. suboxone is a fucking nightmare drug, they are finding out it is harder to kick than methadone. both subs and methadone are extemely hard on your liver and kidneys.i dont even know where to begin.personaly for me subs make me feel like i am underwater, drowning, it makes the acupunture points directly under my collarbone, third eye and the center of my palm way over stimulated, energy is just pouring out of them. severely thirsty but barely peeing, cant sleep, severe anxiety agitation. if taken for a month i break out in tiny zits all over face, severe pms -swelling of tits,anxiety(i spent two weeks freaking out thinking i was pregnant) it also makes cumming harder/not right.

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