Suboxone High – The Buprenorphine Effects [EXPLANATION]2 min read

Buprenorphine is a very powerful opioid that is used in Suboxone to treat opiate addiction. Many addicts strive to obtain and maintain a “high” feeling, which is why they continue to misuse or abuse heroin.

The urge to get high can be very overwhelming for an addict and this is why many clinicians are treating heroin and cocaine addictions with Suboxone therapy.

When you first start taking a regimented dose of Suboxone, you may very well experience euphoria sensations.

Over time, these effects will diminish, but you may continue to experience the more common side effects throughout the treatment process.

It is crucial that you never operate a motor vehicle if you do experience drowsiness, confusion, dizziness, or faintness.

Abusing Suboxone

Many Suboxone users will opt to abuse the medication, in order to achieve the euphoria that they so urgently need. Smoking, injecting and snorting.

Suboxone is very common dangerous behavior. Many individuals that are being treated with Suboxone will share their medication with other addicts.

Believe it or not, the addict will have become so addicted to spending time with other addicts and abusing narcotics that they will continue to be pulled into this type of bad behavior.

They begin by crushing the tablet, placing it on tin foil, and using a lighter to dissolve the substance. They will either choose to smoke the fumes or draw it up into a syringe. They will then inject it into the bloodstream. These illegal techniques will give the user an instant feeling of calmness and euphoria.

Behaviors To Avoid

In order to keep yourself safe, when consuming Suboxone, it is absolutely vital to understand that the drug is habit-forming.

By only using the medication for a limit period of time, you will be able to prevent yourself from becoming addicted. At the same time, you should never share this medication with a friend or family member!

This is illegal and could land you in serious trouble. Below, you will find other behaviors to avoid.

  • Never overuse the drug
  • Don’t add a pill to your daily dosage
  • Don’t mix the medication with others
  • Avoid alcohol consumption, when using Suboxone

By following the tips above, you will be able to experience the benefits, while avoiding the negatives.


When it comes down to it, Suboxone is a fairly safe medication. In order to ensure your safety when using this drug, you should make sure to follow your doctor’s orders and never attempt to achieve a Suboxone high

. This will give you the ability to reap the benefits while avoiding any harsh side effects and risks.


  1. You are continuously suffering from drug addiction or chronic pain problems then you have to get high dosage of suboxone based on the doctor prescription. When it comes to the tapering method then people can use it either injecting or crushing way. You can also use this suboxone tablets in crushing format which could be easily dissolved for injection. Whatever it is you have to consult with your doctor or else there is a possibility for producing side effects. My friends also take this wonderful pill for chronic pain because it is having a feature to reduce chronic pain instantly.

  2. I severely addict to the heroin and I can’t able to come out from this addiction problem and one of my friends suggests doctor. I get appointment to this doctor and I briefly talk about my addiction problems. The expert doctors are prescribed a wonderful suboxone and after two years using of suboxone I slowly get rid of from my problem.

  3. I had been browsing in suboxone forum about shall I get high off suboxone because I am frustrating with searching in online. I want to know about tampering because I am suffering from drug addiction problem for past one year.

  4. I had an addiction of the hydrocodone so my pain management doctor is prescribed 16 milligram of suboxone and he said it is increased 24 milligram. But I have a big question about is it good for my health. When I reading suboxone discuss forum then 8milligram is good for health but my doctor is suggesting twenty four. So I have a big question about dosage of drug so anyone clarify my question.

  5. Your brain can only intake 16mg of suboxone anything higher than that is a waste ur body won’t be able to intake it so it will just pee it out. I’ve been on suboxone for almost 3 years now an got myself from taking 2 a day to only one a day. I really want to be off this drug because i find it way more addictive then heroin or pain pills and I have to take it everyday so my body wont go into withdrawal symptoms. Im ready to get off of this pill but then at the same time im scared of getting sick from tapering off of it. Also the only way this medication should be taken is under ur tongue until its fully dissolved and keep it in for a extra 5 mins to make sure that its all gone and swich the liquid in ur mouth all over the place to get it better dissolved then swallow it never spit it out or ur medication wont work right.

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